Nominations are being accepted for several of the LSA's Honors and Awards. The LSA values diversity, and we especially encourage nominations of linguists who have traditionally been under-represented among the awardees. 

For most awards, a preliminary nomination, consisting only of the nominee's name, email address and website URL or CV, is due by August 1, 2018.  A final nomination -- requirements vary depending on the award -- is due by October 1.  The system of preliminary and final nominations is designed to allow nominators who desire help in preparing a nomination to receive it in a timely fashion.  Please direct any questions about submitting a nomination to David Robinson, Director of Membership and Meetings. 

A full list of the LSA's Awards, including requirements for the final nomination and lists of past winners, is availble here.  Please note that the following awards are NOT included in this Call:  the Best Paper in Language 2018 Award (all articles published in the journal in 2018 are eligible); the Leonard Bloomfield Book Award (has its own procedure and committee); and the Student Abstract Award (the winners are the authors of the three highest-rated abstracts submitted for the 2019 Annual Meeting that are authored solely by students).