The LSA is honored to announce the establishment of a new endowment that would fund ‘The Richard T. Oehrle Memorial Lecture’ annually at the European Summer School in Language, Logic and Information (ESSLLI). ESSLLI, now in its 30th year, is the flagship event of the Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI). ESSLLI is a particularly appropriate venue to honor Oehrle’s memory since its intellectual mix was his natural milieu. Oehrle was a regular participant in ESSLLI from its very early days (Leuven, 1990), serving as lecturer and workshop organizer and contributor.  

The proceeds from the endowment’s principle will underwrite the travel and lodging costs of the chosen speaker.  The individual will be a member of the linguistic community writ large (i.e. affiliated with academia or industry or working independently) working at the intersection of language and logic.  In addition, the individual must be characterized by intellectual generosity and breadth.

The original fundraising goal for the endowment is $75,000, but has since been revised to $60,000. The endowment has been seeded by generous donations from Oehrle's family and close friends for an initial total of $18,500.  The LSA's original timetable was to raise the remainder within 18 months of the endowment’s establishment, but has since been extended. 

To make your contribution, please visit the donation page on our site and select the Oehrle Fund from the drop down menu of contribution Fund options at the bottom of the page.