The LSA Executive Committee has appointed a new Strategic Planning Committee to update and revise its long-range Strategic Plan, which is due to expire at the end of 2018. The committee will meet throughout 2018 to execute its charge and responsibilities, outlined below. The membership of the committee includes a small, but diverse group of LSA members and leaders (listed below). The committee will be seeking input from the entire membership of the LSA into the formulation of its updated strategic plan, via surveys, focus groups, data review, and other metrics. Any member wishing to provide early input for potential revision of the current strategic goals and objectives of the LSA, please contact Alyson Reed.

Charge: To update and revise the LSA’s long-range strategic plan to cover a five year period beginning in 2019.


In consultation with the LSA’s Executive Director, to:

• Review the current Strategic Plan and make recommendations for revisions;

• Identify sources of internal and external input to inform the updated plan;

• To prepare survey, focus group and interview questions that will help to inform the new plan;

• To review relevant data gathered via the above mechanisms;

• To meet in-person at a 2-3 day planning retreat, likely to be held over a weekend in Washington, DC in the Fall of 2018.

• To participate in any follow-up activities necessary for preparing a draft Strategic Plan for consideration by the EC at its January 2019 meeting.


Executive Committee Members:

  • Alyson Reed, Executive Director
  • Lenore Grenoble, Secretary-Treasurer (University of Chicago)
  • Yining Nie, Bloch Fellow (New York University)

Members At-Large:

  • Andries Coetzee, University of Michigan (former Institute Director, former Program Committee Chair and current Editor of Language)
  • Jessi Grieser, University of Tennessee (former LSA student intern and current member of CEDL)
  • Rebekah Baglini, Stanford University (former Bloch Fellow and current member of COSWL)