The LSA is pleased to announce the publication of a second title in its book series partnership with Routledge: Language and Meaning, by LSA member Betty Birner. A portion of the royalties from the sale of this book benefit the LSA. Order your copy today.

Language and Meaning provides a clear, accessible and unique perspective on the philosophical and linguistic question of what it means to mean. Looking at relationships such as those between literal and non-literal meanings, linguistic form and meaning, and language and thought, this volume tackles the issues involved in what we mean and how we convey it. Divided into five easy-to-read chapters, it features:

  • Broad coverage of semantic, pragmatic and philosophical approaches, providing the reader with a balanced and comprehensive overview of the topic;
  • Frequent examples to demonstrate how meaning is perceived and manipulated in everyday discourse, including the importance of context, scientific studies of human language, and theories of pragmatics;
  • Topics of debate and key points of current theories, including references to ongoing controversies in the field;
  • Annotated further reading, allowing students to explore topics in more detail.

Aimed at undergraduate students with little or no prior knowledge of linguistics, this book is essential reading for those studying this topic for the first time.