The Linguistic Society of America is pleased to announce that Dehe Wang has been named the recipient of the 2018 Excellence in Community Linguistics Award, which recognizes "the outstanding contributions that members of language communities make for the benefit of their community's language." 

Dehe Wang is recognized for his many years of tireless work to document, analyze, and promote the endangered Ersu language. as well as for his significant contributions to the knowledge and use of his language through the first Ersu Romanization writing system, the first Ersu-Mandarin dictionary, a coolection of traditional texts and songs, and a textbook of conversational Ersu. He is further recognized for the outstanding impact of his work on the field of linguistics as well as on revitalization in his own community. He is commended for sharing his love of his langugae and linguistics with the next generations with humility, humor, and genuine respect for all.


The 2018 Excellence in Community Linguistics Award is the most recent of the LSA's Awards to be announced this year following:

All LSA awards will be presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 6.