The LSA is delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 Student Abstract Awards, in conjunction with our upcoming Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City:

  • 1st Place: Daniel Duncan, New York University: Changing language and identity during suburbanization
  • 2nd Place: Milena Šereikaitè, University of Pennsylvania: Active existential voice in Lithuanian: Burzio’s generalization revised
  • 3rd Place: Carol-Rose Little and Mia Wiegand, Cornell: A compositional morphosemantic analysis of exclusivity in Ch’ol

Instituted in 2010, the Student Abstract Award provides $500 for the best abstract submitted by a student for a paper or poster presentation at the next Annual Meeting, and $300 for the authors of the abstracts rated second and third. Every student-authored abstract submitted for the Annual Meeting is automatically considered for this award; no nominations are required. All abstracts submitted for the annual meeting are rated, blindly, by external reviewers and the LSA Program Committee. Once abstracts have been accepted, the LSA Staff (who have access to information about abstract submitters) determine which student abstracts are most highly rated.