The LSA is pleased to announce the appointment of four new Associated Editors to serve on the editorial team for Language, the LSA's flagship journal. Those appointed will begin their three​ ​year​ ​terms​ ​starting​ ​in​ ​January​ ​2018.

Khalil​ ​Iskarous​​ (University of Southern California)
Kristen​ ​Syrett​ (Rutgers University)
Lisa​ ​Travis (McGill University)​
Christina​ ​Tortora​ (City University of New York)

The LSA wishes to thank the following Associated Editors who will be concluding their three year terms in January: Grant​ ​Goodall​ (University of California, San Diego), Line​ ​Mikkelsen (University of California, Berkeley),​ ​and Matthew​ ​Gordon (University of California, Santa Barbara)​.