The Society is pleased to announce the recipient of its 2017 award for Linguistics Journalism, Lane Greene. In 2016, Lane Greene took up the task of bringing the "Johnson" column back to the print edition of The Economist. Appearing every two weeks, his column has consistently publicized themes and ideas from within linguistics, and written about them accurately as well as interestingly. His approach consistently champions the scientific approach to language over dilettantism, and defends evidence-based linguistics against prescriptivist myth-making.

Established by the LSA in 2014, this award honors the journalist whose work best represents linguistics during the 12-month consideration period indicated in the call for nominations. The award is based on a single news story or body of work that reflects accuracy and timeliness as regards the material but is also appealing to non-specialist audiences.  For more information about the award and to see previous winners, please visit this page.

All LSA awards are presented at a special ceremony at the Society’s Annual Meeting, to be held on Saturday, January 6, 2018, at 5:30 PM. The ceremony will be held at the Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lane Greene is Deputy Editor of Books & Arts based in London, and writes the “Johnson” column on language. Prior to this role, he was business and finance correspondent for The Economist based in Berlin. His book on the politics of language around the world, “You Are What You Speak”, was published by Random House in Spring 2011. He contributed a chapter on culture to the Economist book “Megachange”, and his writing has also appeared many other publications. He is an outside advisor to Freedom House, and from 2005 to 2009 was an adjunct assistant professor in the Center for Global Affairs at New York University.