Webinar: Navigating Careers: A discussion about the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of work with three intrepid linguists

When: Friday, June 30, 1:00 PM US EDT

Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7035986395609997315

Watch the video recording of the webinar here.

The LSA's "Linguistics Beyond Academia" Special Interest Group invites you to join us for a professional development webinar exploring the career paths of three intrepid linguists. For this facilitated discussion, inspired by the WaLK series on the Career Linguist blog, we use the work interrogatives to help illuminate the twists and turns of their career navigation:

  • Avi Eilam about his path in the world of online content creation and marketing
  • Holly Richardson about philanthropies and non-profits
  • Marc Okrand about his work in constructed languages, closed captioning, and the arts

The first half hour will feature each of our panelists using two of the work interrogatives to illuminate aspects of their career paths, and then we will open it up for questions and discussion from the community about navigating career more broadly!  No matter where you are on your career journey, you are certain to be inspired by the diverse and multifaceted applications of linguistics contained in their stories. 

The webinar will be facilitated by Anna Marie Trester, author of Bringing Linguistics to Work.

Linguists at all levels of training and all careers undergraduates, graduate students, PhDs, postdocs, faculty at all levels, and professional linguists working in any field - are welcome. You do not need to be a member of the LSA or the SIG to attend, although members of the LSA will be given first priority in registration. Attendance will be capped at 100 attendees, so please RSVP early!

Come with questions and ideas, or feel free to just listen and observe, but be prepared to think creatively about bringing your linguistic skills and training to the work challenges and problems that speak to you! 
The work interrogatives:

  • The problem that you seek to solve (the why of the work)
  • Your approach (the how of the work)
  • The transferrable skills you bring (the what of the work)
  • The people (with whom you work)
  • The people (for whom you work)
  • The places (where you work)
  • The value (salary, benefits, lifestyle implications of the work, and especially when)