The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has announced funding for 208 humanities projects totaling $21.7 million. Ten of these awards, totaling $1,001,920, have been awarded to linguistic research and language-related research. In particular, eight awards were given as part of the Documenting Endangered Languages program, a partnership between the NEH and NSF dedicated to the preservation and documentation of endangered languages.

The following scholars were awarded DEL grants and fellowships:

  • Lewis Lawyer (Konkow Wailaki Maidu Indian Cultural Preservation Association): "Resources for the Konkow Language"
  • Keiki Kawai‘ae‘a (University of Hawaii, Hilo): "Building Kaniaina, the Hawaiian Spoken Language Repository" 
  • Carolyn MacKay (Ball State University): "A Grammar of Pisaflores Tepehua, an endangered language of Mexico"
  • Craig Kopris (Independent Scholar): "Dictionary of Wyandot, a Northern Iroquois Language"
  • Jeffrey Heath (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor): "Documentation of Mbre and Tiefo-D Languages of West Africa"
  • Alexander King (Franklin and Marshall College): "Translation and Recording of Koryak Oral Literature"
  • Coleen Ahland (Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc): "Documentation of Daats'iin, a Language of Western Ethiopia"
  • Sally Anderson (Independent Scholar): "Dictionary and Documentation of the Cahto Language, a Native American Language"

Other awarded grants concerning linguistic research include:

  • John Kiplinger (Ithaka Harbors, Inc.): "Arabic-Language Digitization Planning"
  • Elika Bergelson (Duke University); Emmanuel Dupoux (Ecole Normale Superieure); Okko Rasanen (Aalto University); Celia Rosemberg (CONICET); Bjorn Schuller (Imperial College); Melanie Soderstrom (University of Manitoba): "Analyzing Linguistic Development Around the World" 

The LSA congratulates these scholars on their awards. As a founding member of the National Humanities Alliance, the LSA is committed to advocating for the NEH and humanities education, research, preservation, and public programs that make these awards possible. Please join us in protecting the NEH from pending proposals by the Trump administration to eliminate funding for this vital agency, including support for endangered language and linguistic research.