The LSA is pleased to announce the recipients of its fellowships to attend the 2017 Linguistic Institute at the University of Kentucky. The LSA administers the competitive applications for Institute Fellowships. In addition to many ordinary tuition fellowships, several Named Fellowships provide additional support:  the Bernard and Julia Bloch, McCawley and Sag Fellowships provide tuition, travel, room and board.  


The named fellows are:

Bloch Fellow

Yining Nie (New York University)

The Bloch Fellow also serves as the Chair of the LSA's Committee on Student Issues and Concerns (COSIAC).  In that capacity, the COSIAC Chair plays a central role in organizing student-centered activity at the Annual Meeting. 


Sag Fellow

Jamaal Muwwakkil  (University of California, Santa Barbara)

The Ivan A. Sag Institute Fellowship is for an exceptionally promising linguist, and with the expectation that the Sag Fellow will go beyond the normal Institute participation, exercising the kind of inclusiveness, generosity and energy that made Ivan who he was.


Hale Fellow 

Ivan Kapitonov (University of Melbourne)

The Fellowship is awarded to a student who is pursuing a course of study to document endangered languages and work with communities toward their preservation. 


McCawley Fellow

Hitomi Minamida (Cornell University)

The James McCawley Fellowship is made possible through contributions to the James McCawley Memorial Fund, established in 1999. One fellowship is available for either a graduate student from the University of Chicago, or a graduate student from an Asian country.


Congratulations to the following who were awarded a Linguistic Institute fellowship:

Sarah Babinski (Yale)


Anna Bax (University of California, Santa Barbara)


Dominique Bouavichith (University of Michigan)

William Cotter (University of Arizona)


Julia Fine (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Dana Glantz (University at Buffalo)


Zara Harmon (Univrsity of Oregon)


Mark Hoff (The Ohio State University)

Mark Koranda (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Alexandra Lavrentovich (University of Florida)

Jayden Macklin-Cordes (The University of Queensland)


Yevgeniy Melguy (University of California, Berkeley)

Elise Newman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Keisha Osborne (Gallaudet University)


Kwaku Osei-Tutu (Purdue University)


Esra Padgett (Graduate Center, CUNY)


Lauren Reed (Australian National University)


Nandi Sims (The Ohio State University)


St├ęphane Terosier (University of Montreal)


Adrienne Tsikewa (University of California, Santa Barbara)


Jianrong Yu (University of Arizona)