The LSA hosted a booth at Family Science Days at the American Association of the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting in Boston, MA to entice young scientists into the field of linguistics.

This two-day free event features interactive science exhibits, hands-on demos, talks by real-life scientists, and other activities appropriate for youth and their families. LSA Members were active in organizing the booth and implementing fun linguistics activities such as demonstrating syntactic ambiguity by showing multiple ways to poke a monkey with a banana, showcasing the Stroop effect that shows the automaticity of reading, teaching syntax through the use of puzzles, surprising attendees on the pronunciation of the word "Ghoti", and impressing future linguists by playing animal sounds from other languages. The project was funded by the National Science Foundation and helps to support the LSA's ongoing efforts in public outreach, along with those of the Language Science is for Everyone group.

Photos from the Family Science Days:


























From top left: (1) Cecile McKee from the University of Arizona, photo by Natalia Lapinskaya; (2) Elly Zimmer and Noah Nelson from the University of Arizona, photo by Natalia Lapinskaya; (3) Sahil Luthra from University of Connecticut; (4) Sabrina Adaba from Hunter College and Elizabeth Lamar from Smith College; (5)  Lara Ehrenhofer from University of Maryland; (6) Shandon Mitchell from Ohio State University; (7) Mina Hirzel from University of Maryland; photo by Natalia Lapinskaya; (8) Barbara Pearson from the University of Massachusetts, Sarah Fairchild, Myrto Grigoroglou, and Ji Yue from the University of Delaware