On November 14, 2016, the LSA sent the following statement, signed by President Alice C. Harris and Executive Director Alyson Reed, to its members:

As we emerge from a long and rancorous national election season, it seems appropriate to reaffirm that the Linguistic Society of America stands for diversity, inclusion, and respect for all.  Above all, we cherish multilingualism and multiculturalism -- in our members, in those who participate in our programs, and in those who work with us in documenting and analyzing languages.  At a time when political rhetoric has been so divisive, it is important for us to come together around the values we share as a society with a scientific mission.

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Relevant excerpts from the LSA's foundational documents:

Mission: To advance the scientific study of language.

Vision: The LSA aspires to a world in which the essential nature of language and its central role in human life is well understood. 


• The LSA values inclusiveness both in terms of the linguistics profession, and also in terms of the various sub-specialties and research disciplines that contribute to the vibrancy of linguistic scholarship.

• The LSA values democratic governance and decision-making by, and on behalf of, its members, informed by objective data and available evidence.

• The LSA values the use of current approaches and technologies to serve the emerging needs of the linguistics community and the broader public.

• The LSA values ethical conduct in the pursuit of linguistic scholarship.

• The LSA values peer-review for determining the best linguistics scholarship to publish and present in a variety of contexts.

• The LSA values worldwide linguistic diversity and supports the documentation, preservation and revitalization of languages.