In voting that concluded Saturday, November 5, LSA members elected a Vice-President/President-Elect, two new at-large members of the Executive Committee, and an editor of Language.  They also approved changes to the LSA Bylaws relating to the election of LSA Fellows.

The new Vice President/President-Elect is Dr. Penelope Eckert (Stanford University).  Dr. Eckert has a long history of involvement with the Society: she has taught at nine Institutes and will be the Sapir Professor at her tenth, in 2017; has been a member of the Ethics Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics, and the Committee on the status fo Women in Linguistics (chair 1990-1991); and she co-edited, with Alice Davidson, the LSA publication The Cornell Lectures (1990), on the status of women in Linguistics.

The two new at-large members of the Executive Commitee are Dr. Anne Harper Charity Hudley (College of William & Mary) and Dr. Alan Yu (University of Chicago). 

Charity Hudley joined the LSA in 1999 during her first year of graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania and was a 1999 LSA Institute Fellow. Charity Hudley is an associate editor of Language with responsibilities for the Teaching Linguistics Section. She has served on the Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics and on the Linguistics in Higher Education Committee as an undergraduate program representative and the chair of the subcommittee on diversity. Charity Hudley will teach language and education at the 2017 Linguistic Institute at the University of Kentucky. She co-taught a course on minoritized language varieties and the acquisition of literacy with William Labov at the Stanford Summer Institute in 2007, gave an LSA Forum Lecture in 2013 at the University of Michigan Linguistic Institute, and led a workshop at the University of Chicago Linguistic Institute in 2015 with Christine Mallinson, John Rickford (Stanford), and Michel De Graff (MIT).

Alan Yu, an LSA member since 1998, has been to five LSA institutes, twice as a student (UIUC in 1999 and UC Santa Barbara in 2001), twice as an instructor (UC Berkeley 2009 and University of Michigan in 2013), and, most recently, as a co-director of the Institute held at the University of Chicago in 2015. He has served on several committees of the LSA, beginning as a student member on the Web Committee, which was later renamed the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC). He also served on the Program Committee and the Committee on Linguistic Institutes and Fellowships (CLIF).

Andries Coetzee (University of Michigan) has been elected the new editor of Language, the LSA's flagship scholarly journal.  Coetzee has been a member of the LSA for more than a decade, and has served the Society in various capacities including as co-director of the 2013 Linguistic Institute (held in Ann Arbor) and associate director of the 2015 Linguistic Institute (held in Chicago). He is currently serving for the second year as co-chair of the Program Committee of the LSA. He received the Early Career Award from the LSA in 2011, and was inducted as a Fellow of the LSA in 2015. His research spans the areas of phonology and phonetics, with particular focuses on phonological variation, and the link between perception and production in individual language users. Most recently, his research has focused on the relation between the perception and production of coarticulated speech (supported through an NSF grant jointly awarded to himself and his Michigan colleague, Pam Beddor). His research also explores the complex linguistic landscape of South Africa, with particular focuses on Afrikaans (his native language) and Bantu languages from the Sotho-Tswana group. His research has appeared in journals such as Phonology, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Journal of Phonetics, Linguistic Review, Language, Laboratory Phonology, Journal of Semitics, and Theoretical Linguistics. He has also served on the editorial board of the journal Phonology since 2010.

All these individuals will take office at the conclusion of the January 2017 LSA Annual Meeting.  Eckert will serve on the Executive Committee for three years, the first as Vice President/President-Elect, the second as President and the third as Past President.  Charity Hudly and Yu will also serve three-year terms.  Coetzee's term as Editor of Language will be seven years.

LSA members also approved changes to the LSA Bylaws relating to the election of Fellows

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