The LSA is pleased to announce the establishment of a new agreement with the organizers of the Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) conference to serve as a long-term co-sponsor of this important event. Since 2009, the LSA has been hosting the online version of the entire run of the SALT Proceedings (Vol 1-26). This new agreement formalizes the publishing arrangement and adds new elements to the continuing partnership. Beginning with the 2017 SALT conference, the LSA will serve as an official co-sponsor, providing online infrastructure, conference registration and marketing assistance.

The LSA welcomes the opportunity to partner with the organizers of linguistics conferences and scholarly publications as a means for achieving its mission to advance the scientific study of language.  These agreements also take advantage of the LSA’s infrastructure and capacity to serve as a resource of the linguistics community. Please contact Alyson Reed for more details about how such an agreement can advance your conference or publication.

SALT Steering Committee

David Beaver - last SALT representative
Lucas Champollion - chair and third-to-last SALT representative
Hadas Kotek - diversity coordinator
Chris Potts - second-to-last SALT rep
Mats Rooth - CLC rep
Kristen Syrett - LSA liaison
Alexis Wellwood - tech coordinator 
Alexander Williams - upcoming SALT representative