The LSA is delighted to announce that the Leonard Bloomfield Book Award for 2017 will be presented to Brad Montgomery-Anderson (Northeastern State University) and the University of Oklahoma Press for Cherokee Reference Grammar.  The award will presented during a ceremony at the LSA Annual Meeting in Austin, TX on January 7.

In making its recommendation, the Leonard Bloomfield Book Award Committee noted that

"This lucidly presented book is the first major reference work in more than 35 years on Cherokee, the only extant Southern Iroquoian language, one of the largest American indigenous languages in terms of the number of fluent speakers, and one with a rich tradition of literacy. Iroquoian morphophonemics and morphosyntax are famously intricate, yet this reference grammar is carefully structured to be accessible to students and scholars engaged in language revitalization regardless of formal background, with explicit definitions of the terms and concepts used in the description, along with copious illustrative material, with a richly informative multi-line interlinear presentation. At the same time, it is sufficiently thorough and explicit to be an invaluable resource for linguists seeking a reference grammar for comparative study. Cherokee Reference Grammar is a striking example of engaged scholarship in grammatical description, and a splendid model of a grammar that draws a successful balance in meeting the needs of a diverse readership."

First presented in 1992, the Leonard Bloomfield Book Award recognizes a volume that makes an outstanding contribution of enduring value to our understanding of language and linguistics. Read more ...