The LSA is pleased to announce the launch of a new student fellowship to be awarded in honor of the late Ken Hale. The Fellowship will be awarded to a graduate student attending the biennial summer Linguistic Institute who is pursuing a course of study to document endangered languages and work with communities toward their preservation. It covers tuition, travel, room, and board.  We invite you to make a donation in support of this new fellowship today.

The LSA supports two activities named in honor of Ken Hale. The first is the Ken Hale Award, which is presented at our Annual Meeting to recognize scholars who have done outstanding work on the documentation of a particular language or family of languages that is endangered or no longer spoken. The second activity is the Ken Hale Professorship, an endowed faculty position at the LSA's biennial summer Linguistic Institute. The latter is supported by the Ken Hale (Professorship) Fund, which was originally established in 2003 as a challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). That fund reached its matching goal of $160K in 2008, for a total endowment of $200K. 

Since that time, the LSA has continued to accept donations to the fund, and has now generated more earnings than are necessary to fully fund the Hale Professorship. Given these circumstances, the LSA Executive Committee (EC) recently approved the establishment of a new student fellowship in honor of Ken Hale, with the additional earnings and new donations for this fund being used to support a biennial scholarship.  The NEH, the Hale family and the donors who contributed after 2008 fully support using the funds for this new purpose. The old Ken Hale (Professorship) Fund has been retired and is not accepting new donations.

The LSA will make the first Hale student fellowship award at the 2017 Linguistic Institute at the University of Kentucky, Lexington.

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