The LSA is pleased to announce that the Department of Linguistics at the University of Florida will host the 2018 Institute on Collaborative Language Research (CoLang 2018) in Gainesville from June 18 to July 20, 2018. The LSA is a permanent sponsor of CoLang, which is designed for participants at both the undergraduate and graduate level as well as community language workers and academic linguists who want focused training in the latest techniques in documenting and revitalizing languages. CoLang 2018 will consist of two weeks of focused workshops and three weeks of in-depth practica. During the latter, participants will work with native speakers of under-documented languages, focusing on best practices in field research and collaboration with all participants. The LSA will continue to provide scholarships for CoLang participants in 2018, and we invite LSA members to make charitable donations to support these efforts. Donations to the Emmon Bach Fund and the Financial Assistance and Student Support Fund are set-aside for this purpose. 

Organizing Committee

  • Aaron Broadwell (CoLang Advisory Circle Representative), Elling Eide Professor of Anthropology 
  • James Essegbey, Associate Professor of Linguistics and African Languages
  • Brent Henderson, Associate Professor of Linguistics 
  • Fiona McLaughlin, Associate Professor of Linguistics and African Languages
  • Eric Potsdam, Professor of Linguistics 

For more information on CoLang 2018, visit the website. Information on tuition, registration, etc., will be available soon. Information on workshop-proposal solicitation and course offerings will appear in early spring 2017. Read more information about previous instances of CoLang, the CoLang Advisory Circle, Charter, and the LSA’s support for the Institute.