The LSA has just learned that Keren Rice, long-time LSA member and former President (2012), received the Pierre Chauveau medal of the Royal Society of Canada for her extensive work in language documentation and activism, as well as theoretical linguistics.

The Pierre Chauveau medal, named after the first premier of Quebec (1867-1872), is awarded every two years in recognition of a distinguished contribution to knowledge in the humanities.

Dr. Rice’s work over the past three decades has helped to maintain and revitalize Dene and other languages of the Athapaskan family, and has great importance for theoretical phonology and morphology. Dr. Rice is a professor of linguistics and Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives at the University of Toronto. She has received several prestigious awards throughout her career and became an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2014 for her contributions as a linguist and scholar.

Congratulations, Dr. Rice!