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The LSA is delighted to announce that the 2020 Leonard Bloomfield Book Award will be given to Vsevolod Kapatsinski (University of Oregon) for his book Changing Minds Changing Tools: From Learning Theory to Language Acquisition to Language Change (MIT Press, 2018).


The LSA is pleased to announce the publication of the newest title in its book series partnership with Routledge: Bilingualism, by Shahrzad Mahootian. A portion of royalties from the sale of this book benefit the LSA. Order your copy today

It gives the LSA great pleasure to announce that the Best Paper in Language 2019 Award will be given to "The noun-verb distinction in established and emergent sign systems" by (pictured below, clockwise from upper left) Natasha Abner, Molly Flaherty, Katelyn Stangl, Marie Coppola, Diane Brentari, and Susan Goldin-Meadow, which appeared in Language Volume 95, Number 2 (June). See the abstract below and read the article here.

Linguistics in the news


The LSA is saddened to announce the passing of former LSA member Knud Lambrecht, who was a Professor Emeritus of French Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin, and passed away on September 6, 2019, at the age of 80.


Congratulations to one of LSA's honorary foreign members Luigi Rizzi for being elected as a Professor at the Collège de France. The Collège has around 50 chairs in a variety of disciplines, in both science and the humanities. The disciplines and the new members are selected in a rigorous procedure by the professors of the Collège themselves.To be elected at the Collège is one of the highest academic distinctions in France. 


We are delighted to announce that LSA member Peter Trudgill has been chosen for an Honoris Causa doctorate by the University of Murcia, with the support of the LSA and fourteen other institutions and professional organizations.

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The LSA periodically issues news releases about research findings published in its journal Language, newsworthy research being presented at its Annual Meeting, the election of new leadership, and other items of interest. This archive includes all LSA news releases since January 2008.

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