Recent LSA news

The LSA is delighted to announce that Allyson Waller has been selected as this year's recipient of our Linguistics Journalism Award.

The National Endowment for the Humanities announced earlier this week a grant award of $227,420 to the LSA as part of its Media Projects Production program.

The LSA is delighted to announce that seven of the field's leading linguists have been elected Fellows of the LSA. They will be inducted in a ceremony at the LSA Annual Meeting on Friday, January 7, 2022.

Linguistics in the news

The LSA has just learned of the death of Zdenek “Denny” Salzmann, which occurred earlier this Spring. Dr. Salzman was a Life Member of the LSA, having first joined in 1949.

The LSA regrets to announce the passing of Lila R. Gleitman (b. 1929), Professor Emerita of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Gleitman, a life member of the LSA, first joined the Society in 1957. She served as LSA President in 1993 and was elected as a member of the first class of LSA Fellows in 2006.


The LSA congratulates its members on their recent elections to the Academia Europaea!

The Academia Europaea is an organization focused on promoting European, international, and interdisciplinary research, and advising governments and other organizations, and advancing scholarship in the humanities, law, the economic, social, and political sciences, mathematics, medicine, and all branches of natural and technological sciences.

Resources for the Media

The LSA Media Experts Database provides journalists with access to a range of expertise from all fields of linguistics, from linguists who are available to talk with the media. For a referral to an appropriate linguist, please email LSA Executive Director Alyson Reed.

Other Resources

Please contact LSA Executive Director Alyson Reed for LSA interview requests, linguistic news announcements, and other media communications.

For urgent inquiries, please call Ms. Reed at 202-835-1714.

The LSA periodically issues news releases about research findings published in its journal Language, newsworthy research being presented at its Annual Meeting, the election of new leadership, and other items of interest. This archive includes all LSA news releases since January 2008.

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