The Linguistic Society of America is pleased to announce that Old Chinese: A New Reconstruction, by William H. Baxter and Laurent Sagart, is the recipient of this year's Leonard Bloomfield Book Award.

Old Chinese cover

The Leonard Bloomfield Book Award is presented to the book "that makes an outstanding contribution of enduring value to our understanding of language and linguistics." Nominees are judged on their novelty, empirical import, conceptual significance, and clarity. The Bloomfield Book Award, named in honor of renowned linguist (and LSA founding member) Leonard Bloomfield, was first awarded in 1992; previous recipients have included The Atlas of North American English (by William Labov, Sharon Ash, and Charles Boberg) and The Bilingual Child: Early Development and Language Contact (by Virginia Yip and Stephen Matthews).

Old Chinese: A New Reconstruction (published by Oxford University Press) has been highly acclaimed by specialists and non-specialists alike, with one citation noting that "this is not only an impressive piece of modern scholarship; it is also a book that will have lasting impact on the study of Chinese linguistic history and of ancient Chinese history and culture more broadly." Old Chinese: A New Reconstruction is available through and the OUP website.

The Leonard Bloomfield Book Award is the eighth of this year's LSA Awards to be announced, following the:

The final award, the "Best Paper in Language Award", will be announced in the coming weeks. All LSA awards will be presented at the 2016 LSA Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 9.