With the LSA's 2015 elections completed, the LSA is pleased to announce that Larry Hyman, Professor of Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, has been named the next Vice President and President-Elect of the LSA. Prof. Hyman will assume the role of Vice President beginning in 2016, with current President-Elect Alice Harris serving as President; Hyman will then serve as President of the LSA in 2017. John R. Rickford is the current President of the LSA.

Prof. Hyman's research focuses on phonological theory, language typology, and African languages, particularly Bantu languages and other Niger-Congo languages. Prof. Hyman is a Fellow and Life Member of the LSA and previously served on the LSA Executive Committee from 2003-2005.

Also in this election, Sharon Inkelas (UC - Berkeley) and Robin Queen (Michigan) were elected as at-large members of the LSA's Executive Committee. The Executive Committee (chaired by the LSA President ex oficio) "has ultimate responsibility and authority for all policy decisions" of the LSA. Prof. Inkelas and Prof. Queen will each serve a three-year term on the Executive Committee, beginning in 2016--officially, at the conclusion of the LSA 2016 Annual Meeting in early January.

Hyman, Inkelas, Queen
               Larry Hyman, Sharon Inkelas, Robin Queen (left to right)

The LSA thanks all outgoing and incoming members of the LSA's leadership for their service and dedication to advancing the scientific study of language.