The Linguistic Society of America is proud to announce that ten of the field's leading linguists have been named to the newest class of LSA Fellows:

LSA Fellows are recognized annually for their "distinguished contributions to the discipline". Previously inducted LSA Fellows include Noam Chomsky, William Labov, Steven Pinker and Calvert Watkins. The first class of LSA Fellows was inducted in 2006; full lists of LSA Fellows by last name and by year of induction are available on the LSA site.

This year's class of LSA Fellows have achieved distinction both through their research in a variety of linguistic fields and through their service to linguistics and the LSA. Dr. von Fintel currently serves as co-editor of Semantics & Pragmatics, and Dr. Arregi and Dr. Yu were co-directors of the 2015 LSA Summer Linguistic Institute.

2015 Fellows ceremony
LSA President Joan Maling inducts 2015 LSA Fellow Andries Coetzee

The 2016 class of LSA Fellows will be inducted at the LSA Annual Meeting, to be held next January in Washington, DC; the induction itself will take place during the LSA Business Meeting on the evening of Friday, January 8. The induction ceremony and Business Meeting are open to all Annual Meeting attendees.