The LSA is pleased to announce a long-term partnership with CoLang, the Institute for Collaborative Language Research. The LSA recently concluded negotiations with the Advisory Circle of CoLang to serve as a permanent sponsor of this event for the foreseeable future.

Originally envisioned as a complement to the LSA’s biennial Linguistic Institute, CoLang has grown from its first meeting in 2008 to become a highly-regarded and essential tool for linguists and indigenous/endangered language community members interested in field research, and the documentation, preservation, and revitalization of languages. First known as InField to emphasize this focus on field methods, CoLang has since developed a broader focus that further embraces collaboration with language communities in conducting linguistic research, documentation and conservation.

The LSA served as a sponsor of InField in 2010 (held at the University of Oregon) and CoLang in 2014 (held at UT-Arlington). This agreement positions the LSA to provide long-term support and coordination to the Advisory Circle, especially in the areas of marketing, fundraising and managing student fellowships. The LSA will also serve as a source of organizational continuity for CoLang, archiving related materials and helping to facilitate the site selection for future Institutes.

The next CoLang is planned for the summer of 2016 at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. A diverse array of courses will be offered, including: Language Activism, Survey Methods, Language and Wellness, Lexicography, Pedagogical Phonetics, Community Language Archives, Orthography, and Transcription. We encourage you to make plans for attending this outstanding opportunity to learn more about collaborative language research.