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The following statement on the Novel Coronavirus and Its Effects was prepared by LSA Past President Brian Joseph and approved by the LSA Executive Committee in May, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our normal way of life, and we at the LSA are acutely aware that many of our members will be facing unprecedented challenges during the coming months and years.  If you are able to, we encourage you to support fellow LSA members who are unable to fund the full cost of their own memberships.   You can do this in one of three easy ways:


The LSA regrets to report the January 26, 2020 death of G. Hubert Matthews. Hubert joined the LSA in 1953 and was a Life Member.

Linguistics in the news


Please join the LSA in congratulating recently elected members of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Dan Jurafsky (Stanford University), Wendy Sandler (University of Haifa), and Paul Kiparsky (Stanford University).


The LSA is pleased to announce that LSA Member Michael Obiri-Yeboah has been awarded a Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship for 2020. The Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships "support a year of research and writing to help advanced graduate students in the humanities and social sciences in the last year of Ph.D. dissertation writing."


The LSA is pleased to announce that LSA Member Diane Brentari has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for 2020. Guggenheim Fellowships are intended for individuals who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts.

Resources for the Media

Please contact LSA Executive Director Alyson Reed for LSA interview requests, linguistic news announcements, and other media communications.

For urgent inquiries, please call Ms. Reed at 202-835-1714.

The LSA Media Experts Database provides contact information for more than 50 experts, from all fields of linguistics, who are available to talk with the media. If you are unsure who to contact or have any other media questions, please email LSA Executive Director Alyson Reed.


Other Resources

The LSA periodically issues news releases about research findings published in its journal Language, newsworthy research being presented at its Annual Meeting, the election of new leadership, and other items of interest. This archive includes all LSA news releases since January 2008.

(For an archive of all LSA stories appearing on the previous LSA website from 2003 to 2012, click here.)