A new program from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) provides financial support to scholars interested in writing general-interest nonfiction books on topics in the humanities.

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The "Public Scholar" grant program provides a stipend of up to $50,400 (for one year) to "support well-researched books in the humanities conceived and written to reach a broad readership:"

Books supported through this program might present a narrative history, tell the stories of important individuals, analyze significant texts, provide a synthesis of ideas, revive interest in a neglected subject, or examine the latest thinking on a topic. Most importantly, they should open up important and appealing subjects for wider audiences by presenting significant humanities topics in a way that is accessible to general readers.

Academic faculty and independent scholars are welcome to submit grant proposals; the first deadline for applications is March 3, 2015 for projects beginning in October 2015. Application information is available on the NEH website.

The NEH is a strong supporter of linguistic research; the Dictionary of American Regional English has received NEH funding since 1976, and the Documenting Endangered Languages program, administered jointly by the NEH and NSF, awarded over $4 million to 27 projects in 2014. The LSA encourages all interested members to consider applying to the Public Scholar program and to continue working to raise public interest in linguistics.