[UPDATE 07/2016]: Please be advised that WILMA is currently in a state of transition and therefore no new mentoring relationships are being formed. All text below refers to the old system that is currently undergoing a redesign. LSA members will be informed when the new system has been implemented. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

The LSA is pleased to announce the migration of the WILMA mentoring database to its website. WILMA, which stands for the Women in Linguistics Mentoring Alliance, was originally conceived by Mary Bucholtz, Megan Crowhurst, and Monica Macaulay, then members of the LSA’s Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics (COSWL). For many years, WILMA was hosted by the University of Wisconsin online. With the launching of the LSA’s new website in October 2012, a migration of the database to our site became possible. We invite LSA members and the larger community of linguists to visit the WILMA site, and add their names to the growing list of individuals seeking mentorship and/or willing to serve as mentors. Please be advised that all linguists are welcome to participate; WILMA is in no way limited to just women. If you have already created a profile within the previous WILMA system, please take a moment to update your information. A log-in is required (if you have forgotten your password, it can be sent to you).