LSA Annual Meeting

Learn more about the LSA's 2023 Annual Meeting, its past meetings, and future meeting locations.  Read more about proposing a Satellite Workshop immediately before or after an Annual Meeting.

Conferences and Calls

List your upcoming scholarly linguistics meetings and calls for papers. Browse the listings and make your plans to submit or attend.

A-V Materials & Webinars

The LSA records selected sessions at Annual Meetings and Institutes, and also holds virtual seminars periodically on a range of topics.


The Institute on Collaborative Language Research provides an opportunity for a diverse group of participants to become trained in a wide range of skills in community-centered language documentation.

Linguistic Institutes

The LSA has sponsored the Linguistic Institutes since 1928. Read more about the the most recently concluded Linguistic Institute, past Institutes, and future Institute locations.  Request a transcript for most recent Institutes here; for other Institutes, contact the registrar at the host institution. The LSA also provides funds for student fellowships to attend the Institutes and manages the fellowship competition; find out more here.

Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT)

The LSA is a long-term co-sponsor of the SALT conference. Since 2009, the LSA has been hosting the online version of the entire run of the SALT Proceedings (Vol 1-26). Beginning with the 2017 SALT conference, the LSA will serve as an official co-sponsor, providing online infrastructure, conference registration and marketing assistance.