Please review our 2022–2023 Prospectus [PDF] to learn more about the full range of advertising and promotional opportunities (including rates) available through the LSA. In order to place an ad for anything other than a job vacancy, please contact the LSA Secretariat

LSA Advertising Policy

This is a sample ad from our homepage

All items exhibited, advertised, and/or sold under the auspices of the Linguistic Society of America should be of general interest to the members of the LSA, the linguistics community, attendees of its meetings, and visitors to the LSA website. The character of the exhibits, advertisements, or sales is subject to the approval of the Executive Director or his/her designee. The LSA reserves the right to refuse any application for exhibit space, advertising or sales and to curtail or cancel any such exhibit, advertisement or sale which, in the sole judgment of the Executive Director, does not conform to these guidelines. This policy applies to unacceptable displays, advertisements, or sales of novelties and souvenirs, as well as the personal conduct of exhibits or their representatives. The LSA does not enter into exclusive contracts or arrangements with specific advertisers, brokers or sponsors; opportunities for unique sponsorships and other promotional activities are offered by the LSA on a first-come, first-served basis.

The LSA's current policy regarding job ads: Any jobs listed by a university that has been sanctioned by the American Association of University Professors shall appear with an asterisk indicating said sanction.

The LSA does not accept advertising from any company that encourages students to hire or pay others to assist with academic assignments. The LSA encourages students to take advantage of in-house tutoring and other support services at their home institutions when they need assistance, while still adhering to ethical practices which ensure that students (and not others) complete their own academic assignments.