It is the policy of the LSA that the membership directory shall not be used by individual members to contact the entire membership of the Society without the express written permission of the Secretariat. Individual members having an event, news item, or publication to bring to the attention of the entire membership should e-mail [email protected] for more information.

At the same time, the LSA's membership directory was expressly designed with the intention of allowing members to seek out other members with whom they share a common affiliation or interest, and such use of the directory is therefore encouraged. The LSA expects that members using the directory for this purpose will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The subject line should indicate at least partly to whom the message is being addressed. Examples: Message to LSA Member Sociolinguists; Conference of interest to Algonquianists; etc.

  • The first paragraph of the message should indicate why the recipient is receiving the message. Example: You are receiving this message because you are listed in the LSA member directory as having an interest in Syntax.

  • The message should be professional in nature, adhering to the LSA's Civility Policy and Ethics Statement.

  • The message may not be used for commercial gain, to advertise a service or a product, or to advertise a job.

  • Members should be aware of the LSA's various venues for bringing events, news items, and the like to the attention of the membership (Book Reviews and Notices, Conferences & Calls, LSA and Linguistics News, Laurels to Linguists, In Memoriam, etc.), and should consider using these instead of or in addition to an e-mail to a subgroup of the membership.                                                                                     

  • Participants in the LSA's Mentoring Alliance will be able to search for mentoring partners using areas of linguistic interest (phonetics, phonology, etc.) and areas of mentoring concern (new faculty, work-life balance, linguist outside academia, etc.).  If you have signed up to participate in the Mentoring Alliance you will be able to search the membership directory using these field. 

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