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March 11, 2022

The Oxford Dictionary of African American English is a landmark scholarly initiative documenting the lexicon of African American English (AAE) in a dictionary based on historical principles. The ODAAE will be compiled and edited by a team of researchers, lexicographers, and editors sponsored and led by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for African and African American Research. The joint team will apply the depth and rigor of the OED’s historical methodology specifically to the study of African American English (AAE) in order to create a dictionary to further illuminate the history, meaning, and significance of this body of language.

As an ODAAE researcher, you are responsible for carrying out a variety of pre-editorial and research tasks to support the revision and drafting of ODAAE entries in collaboration with ODAAE editors, including researching previous lexicographical work relating to AAE, searching and analysing corpora of digital and digitized texts, and recording quotation evidence to illustrate and elucidate the history and development of AAE words and senses. This is a term position of six months with a possible six-month renewal. Weekly schedule ranges from 14-25 hours. $25 per hour.

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Language Documentation.