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March 11, 2022

The Oxford Dictionary of African American English (ODAAE) is a landmark scholarly initiative documenting the lexicon of African American English (AAE) in a dictionary based on historical principles. The ODAAE will be compiled and edited by a team of researchers, lexicographers, and editors sponsored and led by the OED and Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for African and African American Research. The joint team will apply the depth and rigor of the OED’s historical methodology specifically to the study of AAE in order to create a dictionary to further illuminate the history, meaning, and significance of this body of language.

This role is responsible for the successful planning and delivery of all aspects of the ODAAE program. The Program Manager works closely with senior stakeholders, cross-functional teams, and project managers to develop and manage scope, schedules, budgets, work plan, resourcing, and reporting to ensure that the program’s overall objectives are achieved. The Program Manager will lead on defining and reporting on the goals and requirements of the ODAAE program, and will take the decisions and actions necessary to drive the program to completion, leveraging the expertise of senior stakeholders as required.

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Language Documentation.