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August 21, 2019

The Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Davis invites applicants for a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Linguistics with a specialization in Syntax and/or Semantics. The successful candidate is expected to develop a research program in the study of sentence structure and/or the meanings of natural language utterances, with broad theoretical appeal.

A successful candidate will demonstrate knowledge of the analytical traditions that contribute to the development of modern theories of grammar and language structure, while at the same time be engaged in the pursuit of a research program that takes advantage of current advances in empirical, quantitative, experimental, or other cutting-edge methodologies. Within the qualifications listed above, the candidate's focus of inquiry will remain wide open. We will particularly encourage applications from candidates working on the syntax and semantics of lesser known languages, on alternative models for the representation of sentence structure and meaning (unification formalisms, probabilistic grammars, constructionist approaches, etc.), on the role of context in shaping the form and interpretation of utterances, and or at the interface of language and cognition.

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Public contact information: 

Angus Chang, [email protected]

Position Type: 
Assistant Professor.
Linguistic Specialization: 
Semantics, Syntax.