Public Policy

Learn more about federal and state policy issues impacting the field of linguistics, higher education, social science research, the humanities, language study and related topics.

Student Issues

Whether you are considering an undergraduate major in linguistics, looking for the right graduate program, or interested in advancing your career goals, the LSA has a resource for you.

Endangered Languages

Linguists all over the world are working to help document, preserve, revitalize and support endandgered languages and the communities where they are spoken. Find out how you can help.


The practice of linguistics as a profession presents a number of ethical challenges which can be positively addressed with foresight and sensitivity to the needs of all parties involved. Read LSA resources relating to these issues.

Human Rights

Linguistics has been at the forefront of human rights advocacy. See the LSA's achievements in advocacy and humanitarian involvement and possible opportunities to take action.

Women and Gender

The number of women studying linguistics has grown considerably in the recent past, and there are more women than ever before in every sector of the field. A rich and growing body of linguistic research explores issues of language and gender.

Ethnic Diversity

The value of ethnic diversity to linguistic studies is central to the field. The profession of linguistics would benefit from a greater degree of ethnic diversity within its members. Read about the rich tapestry of linguistic diversity within and without the LSA.

Higher Education

Most LSA members are students or faculty at institutions of higher education, while number of undergraduate linguistics majors and degrees continues to grow. Explore what this means for the field.

K-12 Education

Research in linguistics has many practical applications for teaching and learning in primary and secondary schools. Find out how linguistic research studies are informing educational practices.

Public Outreach

The LSA encourages its members, and the linguistics community more broadly, to engage the public in their work. To further this goal, the LSA has developed a variety of programs in this area.