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With gratitude, the Society acknowledges the following gifts received from our donors. The contributions of members wishing to remain anonymous are also acknowledged with thanks. If you made a contribution to the LSA and your name does not appear as a supporter, please accept our apologies and thanks. Be sure to let the Secretariat know so that our records can be corrected. The Linguistic Society is a nonprofit organization exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The LSA Federal Identification Number is 74-604-3371. As a nonprofit organization, the LSA may qualify for corporate donation-matching programs. Your gift, large or small, will make a difference and will be gratefully received.

Leadership Circle

The LSA Leadership Circle was created in October, 2008, to recognize those LSA members who have made large, unrestricted, charitable contributions to the LSA. Read more here.

Gifts to LSA Contribution Funds as of February 29, 2020

Stephen Anderson,  Juergen Bohnemeyer, Frances Cahill, Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Donna Christian, Andries Coetzee, Daniel Currie Hall, Susan Curtiss, Stuart Davis, ​Joseph Eska, John T. Hogan, C-T James Huang, Khalil Iskarous, Brian Joseph, Roger Levy, Diane Lillo-Martin, Jeffrey Lovelace (in honor of Susan Steele), Laurel MacKenzie,  Richard P. Meier, James McCloskey, Mary Oehrle French, Muffy Siegel, Edward Tuttle, Joseph Voyles


Gifts to LSA Contribution Funds as of December 31, 2019

Anonoymous (20), Karen L. Adams, Diogo Almeida, Henry Anderson, Joseph Aoun, Sharon Ash, Barbara Diane Assadi, Julie Auger, Eric Bakovic, Marlyse Baptista, Leslie Barratt, Naomi Baron, Michael Barrie,  Edwin L. Battistella, John Baugh, Hanno Beck, Jill Beckman, Ryan Bennett, Claire Bowern, Mary Bucholtz, Hugh Baron Buckingham (in honor of Ivan Andrew Sag), Zinny Bond, Josa A. Camacho, David Andrew Cape (in honor of Douglas Berggren and James Berry), Katy Carlson, Sandra L. Chung, (in honor Stephen R. Anderson), Eve Clark, Linda Coleman, Megan Crowhurst, Brent Dechene, Katherine Demuth (in honor Mark Johnson), Susan Kay Donaldson (in honor of Robert B. Lees, Braj Kachru, and Yamura Kachru), Penelope Eckert, Meaghan Fowlie, Elaine Francis,  Hartwell Francis, Glenn Frankenfield, (in honor of Anderson Match), Nancy Frishberg, MaryEllen Garcia, Susan Gehr, Frank Y. Gladney, Michael Gottfried, Lenore A. Grenoble, Maja Grujic-Stojkov, Joan H. Hall, Heidi B. Harley, Alice C. Harris,  C-T James Huang, Eric Hyman, Larry Hyman, Richard Janda, Jeffrey Kallen, Kyle Johnson, Brian Jose, Brian Joseph, Jongho Jun, Ellen Lau, Raymond LaVerghetta, David Lebeaux, Patricia E. Lessard,  Ceil Lucas, Stanley Legum, Adrienne Lehrer, Barbara Lust, Monica Macaulay, Joseph Malone, Sally McConnell-Ginet, Alexa McCray, David McNeill, Jürgen Meisel, Lise Menn, Burckhard Mohr, Georgia Morgan, Norman Mundhenk, Binh Nha Ngo, Maryann Parada, Barbara H. Partee, John Pennisten, Sonja Rajkovich, Elizabeth M. Riddle, Catherine Rudin, Cinzia Russi, Joe Salmons, Andrea Sims, Jane Helen Simpson, Andrea Sims, Usama Soltan, Bernard Spolsky, Susan Steele, Kristen Syrett, Sarah Grey Thomason, Elizabeth Traugott, Robert Vago, Emily VanDerhoff, Miranda Vescio, Joseph Voyles, Laura Wagner, Michael Wallace, Thomas Wasow, Bonnie Webber, Allen I Weinstein, George Williams, Jr., Judith A. Wills (in honor Susan Steele), Jadwiga Wright (in honor of Dr. M. Anna Marczak), Malcah Yaeger-Dror (in honor Elizabeth Dayton), Mahire Yakup, Charles Yang (in honor Stephen R. Anderson), Leyla Zidani-Eroglu

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Life Members

Please visit the Life Members page for a full list of Life Members. To learn more about Life Memberships or to become a Life Member, please visit our Membership Information page.