With gratitude, the Society acknowledges the following gifts received from our donors. The contributions of members wishing to remain anonymous are also acknowledged with thanks. If you made a contribution to the LSA and your name does not appear as a supporter, please accept our apologies and thanks. Be sure to let the Secretariat know so that our records can be corrected. The Linguistic Society is a nonprofit organization exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The LSA Federal Identification Number is 74-604-3371. As a nonprofit organization, the LSA may qualify for corporate donation-matching programs. Your gift, large or small, will make a difference and will be gratefully received.


Leadership Circle

The LSA Leadership Circle was created in October, 2008, to recognize those LSA members who have made large, unrestricted, charitable contributions to the LSA. Read more here.

Gifts to LSA Contribution Funds in November 2018

Anoymous (17), Barbara Kenyon Abbott, Toshiaki Anan, Barbara Assadi, Melissa Axelrod, Emily Baker (in honor Richard Oehrle), Daryl Baldwin (In memory of Michael "Lee" Anderson), Ken Bame, Michael Barrie, Frederick Bart, Huseyin Cem Bozshin (in honor Cem Bozsahin), Jean Braithwaite, Susan E. Brennan (in memory of Lee Anderson), Ellen Broselow, E Wayles Browne, Eugene Buckley, William Bullitt, Joe Buskuhl (in memory of Lee Anderson), Monica Buskuhl (in memory of Lee Anderson), Chris and Melissa Camacho (in honor Richard Oehrle), Jose Camacho, Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Kathryn Carlson, Shobhana Chelliah, Donna Christian, Sandra L. Chung, Andries Coetzee, CoLang Instructors and Advisory Circle (in memory of Lee Anderson), Peter Culicover, Ynonne Cummings (in honor Olivia Marbutt), Kristin Denham (in honor of Colleen Fitzgerald), Willem de Reuse, Susan Kay Donaldson (in honor of Braj & Lamuna Kachru), Nancy C Dorian, Xavier Durant, Connie Eble, Penelope D. Eckert, Fred Eckman, Terra Edwards, Patience Epps (in memory of Lee Anderson, Ralph Fasold, Nancy Frishberg, Eileen Fitzpatrick, Milan Fryscak (in memory of Lee Anderson and Coleen Fitzgerald), Michael Flynn, Janet Dean Fodor, Hartwell Francis, Robert Frank, Mary French (in honor of Richard T. Oehrle), Katherine French, Nancy Frishbert, N. Louanna Furbee, Kazuhiko Fukushima (in honor Kazuhiko Fukushima), Geoffrey K. Gavin, Jeffrey Good (in memory of Lee Anderson), Grant Goodall, Lynn Gordon, Matthew Gordon, Hans  Götzsche, Joan H. Hall, Michael T. Hammond, Nobuko Hasegawa (in honor Nobuko Hasegawa), William Henderson, John and Jennifer Hesseler (in memory of Lee Anderson), Ewa Higgins (in memory of Lee Anderson), Kristine Hildebrandt (in memory of Lee Anderson), Joshua Hinson (in honor of Lee Anderson), Tracy Hirata-Edds (In honor of Lee Anderson), Rick Hogle (In honor of Lee Anderson), C-T James Huang, William Hunt, Mary Jane Hurst (in honor of Lee Anderson and Coleen Fitzgerald), Lucy and Barry Hyde, Michael Israel, Joana Jansen (in memory of Lee Anderson), Alana Johns, Eric A. Johnson, Brian Jose, Brian Joseph, Carolyn and Lyle Keating (in honor Richard Oehrle), Everett L. Keating (in honor Richard Oehrle), Edward L. Keenan, Samuel Jay Keyser, Dr. & Mrs. Howard Kirshner (in honor Susan Steele), Harriet Klein, Jorge Vales Kroff, Monhan Krishna Kundur, Susan Kung, (in memory of Lee Anderson), Craig LaForce, MD, Stanley Legum, Wesley Leonard (in honor of Lee Anderson), Patricia E Lessard, Derek Leung, Roger Levy, Timothy Light, Mary Linn, Jeffrey C. Lovelace, Monica Macaulay, Bruce Mannheim, Ken and S. June Marbutt, Olivia and Jason Marbutt,Forrest and Susanna Marbutt (in honor Lee Anderson),  Logan Matz, Matt McCartney, Sally McConnell-Ginet, Theresa M. McGarry, Laurel MacKenzie, McMaster-Carr Supply Co., Louise McNally, Russell Miller, Joshua Minor, Mizuki Miyashita, Joachim Moortgat, Leo J. Mott, Norman Mundhenk, Samuel Najim (in honor Samuel Najim and Family), Frederick Newmeyer, Patricia Nichols, Timothy Nokken (in honor of Michael "Lee" Anderson), Geoffrey Nunberg, Albert C Oehrle, John J Ohala, Manjari A Ohala, Barbara H Partee, Margaret B. Patterson (in honor of Lee Anderson), Jean Ann and Bruce Peng, Dennis Preston, Maya Ravindranath, Keren Rice(2) (in honor of Lee Anderson and Coleen Fitzgerald), Ian Roberts, Jorge Emilio Roses-Labrada, Eric de Rulet, Jerrold Sadock, Deborah Schaffer (in honor of Dr. Arthur Abramson), Rachel Schaffer (in honor of Dr. Arthur Abramson), Sanford A Schane, Susan Schmerling, Louise E McNally Seifert, DeBrisay Sigler Family Foundation, Roger Shuy, William Smith (in honor Olivia Marbutt), Tamera Schneider (in memory of Lee Anderson), Wilson Silva (in memory of Lee Anderson), SSILA (in memory of (Michael "Lee" Anderson), Margaret J. Speas, Susan Steele, Nancy Stenson, Andrei Stoevsky, Amber Story (in memory of Coleen Fitzgerald and Lee Anderson), Beth Strausser, Laurel Stvan, Kristen Syrett, Anna Szabolcsi, Michael Szamosi and Elizabeth Cowper, William Thoroughgood (in honor Richard Oehrle), Judith Tonhauser, Natsuko Tsujimura, Joseph Voyles, Michael Wallace, Thomas L. Wasow, Bonnie Webber, George Williams, Jr., Christina Wong (in honor Christina W), Kevin Martens Wong, Jadwiga Wright (in honor of Alice Davison), Richard Wright, Suwon Yoon (in honor of Lee Anderson), YaurCause, LLC Trustee, Kie Zuraw

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Life Members

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