Deponency in finite and nonfinite contexts

Laura Grestenberger

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Grammatical number and the scale of individuation

Scott Grimm

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Inversion and finiteness in Spanish and English: Developmental evidence from the optional infinitive and optional inversion stages 

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Structure dependence and linear order: Clarifications and foundations

Jordi Fortuny

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Evaluating S(c)illy voices: The effects of salience, stereotypes, and co-present language variables on real-time reactions to regional speech

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Extraction and licensing in Toba Batak

Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine

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What tone teaches us about language

Larry M. Hyman

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Teaching Linguistics

Balancing the communication equation: An outreach and engagement model for using sociolinguistics to enhance culturally and linguistically sustaining K–12 STEM education

Christine Mallinson, Anne H. Charity Hudley 

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Book Reviews

Creole Studies: Phylogenic approaches, edited by Peter Bakker, Finn Borchsenius, Carsten Levisen, and Eeva Sippola

John McWhorter

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The semantics of evaluativity by Jessica Rett

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Understanding International Sign: A sociolinguistic study by Lori A. Whynot

Rachel McKee

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