The LSA offers a “Reduced Rate” membership category for nonstudent members who would find it difficult to afford the full rate. The reduced membership rate is currently US$65 per year.

Please note the following special features of this membership:

  • Available to both U.S. and non-U.S. members.
  • Provides only online, not hard copy, access to Language
  • Available by completing the Reduced Rate Membership Form (PDF).

Student members of the LSA who have recently received or are about to receive the Ph.D. should note that they may qualify for a one-year complimentary regular membership.

In general, LSA members who join in this category will be in a situation such that paying regular membership dues would present a hardship, e.g., due to being currently unemployed or employed at a salary too low to afford a full membership. 

Please contact the LSA if you have any questions about the Reduced Rate membership category.