Building Capacity in Linguistics and Endangered Languages at Tribal Colleges and Universities

LSA Annual Meeting

Thursday, January 5, 2017

JW Grand Ballroom Salons 1 and 2, JW Marriott, Austin, TX

Workshop Agenda (with links to presentation slides, videos, and related handouts)

8:00 - 9:00     Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:30       Welcome, introductions (pdf)
                      Monica Macaulay (UW-Madison) [video]

9:30-9:45       Overview of goals and objectives (pdf)
                      ​Susan Gehr  (Karuk) [video]

9:45-10:15     Discussion: Needs of TCUs and communities with respect to heritage language(s)
                      Moderator: Susan Gehr [video]

10:15-10:45   Break

10:45-11:45   What is linguistics and what can it do for me? (pdf)
                      Wesley Y. Leonard (Miami; UC-Riverside) and Monica Macaulay [video]

11:45-12:00   Sources of financial support other than NSF (pdf)
                      Monica Macaulay [video]

12:00-1:00     Lunch

12:15-1:00     Sources of financial support at the NSF
                      Colleen Fitzgerald (NSF) [video]

1:00-2:00      Student Track (pdf) [Concurrent]
                      Yolanda Pushetonequa (Meskwaki; Tribal Linguist for Sauk Language Department,
                      Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma) [video]

1:00-2:00      Faculty Track (pdf) [Concurrent] Location: JW Grand Ballroom Salon 2
                     Jacob Manatowa-Bailey (Sauk) [Video recording not available]

                     Related Materials (pdf): Bacone College BA in Tribal Languages - Requirements,
                     Bacone College Prior Learning Assessment Standards, The Role of Linguistics in the Sauk Master-Apprentice Program

2:00-3:00      Technology and Training Overview: Tools and resources for language documentation (pdf)
                      Lindsay Marean (Potawatomi) [video]

3:00-3:30      Break

3:30-4:30      Discussion: Identification of Challenges and Opportunities
                     Moderators: Susan Gehr and Monica Macaulay [video]

4:30-5:00     Closing Session: Getting the Most from the LSA Annual Meeting & Afterwards (pdf)
                     Susan Gehr, Monica Macaulay, and Alyson Reed (LSA) [video]

This workshop is hosted by the Linguistic Society of America and the Endangered Language Fund, and has been funded by National Science Foundation grant #BCS-1643510.