Over the years, the LSA has sponsored an internship program to provide linguistics students an opportunity to work with the Secretariat staff to advance the mission of the Society, while also advancing their own career objectives. We understand the importance of paying a stipend as a matter of basic equity so that it is not limited to those few who can afford to work for free.

In 2020, for the first time in the history of the program, the LSA is unable to provide stipend support for student interns out of its operating budget. Due to the severe impact that COVID-19 has had on the linguistics community, and the LSA in particular, almost all discretionary spending has been cut or eliminated, including staff benefits and intern stipends.

As noted by former summer intern Adrienne Isaac, “I would not have been able to pursue this important learning opportunity without the stipend made available to me as part of the LSA’s internship program. It was an invaluable experience in my overall professional development.”

The LSA Executive Committee is asking you to please join us in making a charitable contribution to restore the intern stipends for the coming fiscal year (October 2020 – September 2021). Our goal is to raise $14,000 for this purpose by the end of the year, so that we can award a stipend to our Fall intern, and plan to offer stipends to future candidates in the Spring and Summer semesters. As of January 1 2021, we have raised sufficient funds to offer a full stipend to the Spring Intern, but we still need donations to help us support the Summer Intern.

Donations to the Financial Assistance and Student Support Fund can be made online or by downloading a donation form from our website. Please indicate that the donation is in “honor of” the LSA’s Internship Program, so we can track your donation accordingly.

A testimonial from former summer intern Tyler True (Northern Arizona University):

"As a graduate student, I have tried to locate my professional identity among several professional organizations. In some cases, graduate students can become involved as volunteers and/or apply for some funding to support conference attendance. It was a rare privilege to have the opportunity to work for the LSA. During my short summer internship, I had the chance to represent the interests of LSA members and to learn on their behalf at a conference of the National Academies, many meetings of professional societies in the hard and social sciences, and even a Congressional hearing in addition to activities with the journal, historical records, and publicity. The LSA represents its members, their work, and its history in more ways than I could have realized. Learning from the seasoned expertise that allows the Secretariat to operate with a very small staff was an unparalleled professional development experience. I am grateful to the LSA and the Secretariat for that opportunity, but also I would not have been able to engage in that experience fully without the stipend made available through the internship program.

The LSA Secretariat is an exciting and supportive environment in the midst of Washington. The staff is professional, collegial, and kind. In my experience, they have done their level best at every turn to support the student intern. The internship is a valuable resource for LSA student members. At the same time, their work benefits the Secretariat and the LSA, and they deserve to be paid. That is why, even as a graduate student, I am contributing to the Financial Assistance and Student Support Fund. We should support student interns (and the LSA) through the unprecedented challenges we now face."