Established in 2020, the committee is still in formation (as of January 11, 2021)


To advance the LSA’s strategic goals and communications plan via social media posts about language and linguistics in the news.


The work of the Committee includes, but is not limited to:

  • Curating external social media posts about language and linguistics in the popular news media for the main LSA accounts, following established best practices generated by the LSA leadership.
  • Reviewing and approving a weekly list of proposed posts prepared by the LSA student intern, including introductory text. A minimum of three members must approve all posts prior to publication.
  • Responding to any comments or concerns posted in response to any LSA external postings within 24 hours.
  • Consulting with LSA staff and editors about internal posts relating to LSA business and publications.
  • Consulting with CELP on external social media posts about endangered languages and their preservation.
  • Consulting with the Public Relations Committee about how the LSA’s social media program relates to that committee’s broader charge and mission.
  • Reviewing data analytics pertaining to external social media posts and making necessary refinements to future practices where appropriate.


  • Jennifer Nycz, Chair (Georgetown University)
  • Claire Bowern (Yale University)
  • Kendra Calhoun (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Lisa Davidson (New York University)
  • Megan Figueroa (University of AZ)
  • Josef Fruehwald (University of Kentucky)
  • Alyson Reed (LSA ex officio)
  • Sonya Trawick (LSA and Penn State University)
  • Kelly Wright (University of Michigan)

Membership Structure (Open)

The committee shall have a minimum of nine members, specializing in different subfields of linguistics.

EC Liaison: Chris Kennedy (University of Chicago)

Staff Liaison:  Alyson Reed

Required members:

  • One member of the PR Committee
  • LSA Student Intern (ex-officio)
  • LSA Executive Director (ex-officio and staff liaison)
  • A representative of the Language editorial team

Ideally, the committee would also include:

  • Members with a large following on social media (1000+)
  • Members who write/speak for a popular audience
  • Members who are quoted frequently by the news media
  • The manager of the CELP social media account(s)