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Mentoring System

The LSA Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics (CEDL) is establishing a brand new mentoring program for underrepresented undergraduates, graduate students, and junior faculty who are seeking advice, in an effort to improve the number of members of underrepresented ethnic and racial groups in linguistics.

You need not be a full professor or a member of a minority ethnic group in order to be a CEDL mentor, you need only be willing to share your knowledge about whatever aspect(s) of a career in linguistics you think might be beneficial to someone your junior. After hearing from you and from those interested in being mentored, the CEDL Mentoring Committee will match mentors with mentees. At a minimum, the Mentoring Committee suggests that mentors contact their mentees at least once in the Fall and once again in the Spring, by email and/or telephone. If you are willing to serve as a mentor, please fill out the short CEDL Mentoring Application and forward it to any member of our committee (listed below). You will be asked to indicate area(s) in which you feel comfortable providing advice, and which category of mentee you would prefer.

The names and emails/urls of available mentors are available below. Anyone seeking a mentor will be asked to send the Mentoring Committee a short statement about whom they would like to have as a mentor and the kind of relationship/advice they're looking for. The Mentoring Committee will make the initial contact with you about a possible mentee, keeping in mind the preferences and interests of both parties. If any problems arise in the mentoring relationship, mentors and/or mentees may contact the Mentoring Committee for a reassignment or cancellation.

We urge mentors to try to meet their mentee(s) in person at the LSA or other academic meetings, if possible, in addition to contacting them via email. It is our hope that this mentoring opportunity will help more students from underrepresented groups to enter and pursue an academic career in linguistics. Most importantly, we hope that this effort will aid the transmission of academic knowledge, diversify linguistic research, and create lasting, productive relationships for everyone involved.

Mentoring Committee

  • Ana Celia Zentella, University of California, San Diego
  • Alicia Beckford Wassink, University of Washington
  • Lauren Hall-Lew, Stanford University

Faculty CEDL Mentors available for contact

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