Proposing LSA Resolutions

An LSA Resolution expresses the sense of the Linguistic Society of America on some matter of public importance. In general, LSA Resolutions relate to topics on which linguists have some relevant professional expertise. This document describes the procedures for proposing and enacting LSA Resolutions.

Any LSA member or committee may propose a resolution at any time. A proposed resolution should be submitted in electronic or written form to the LSA Secretary-Treasurer, whose e-mail and postal addresses are available from the LSA Secretariat on request. Resolutions should not exceed 500 words in length. If an LSA committee has proposed or endorsed the resolution, that should be stated at the time of submission.

Immediately upon receipt of a proposed resolution, the Secretary-Treasurer will forward it to the LSA Executive Committee for consideration. The Executive Committee may, by majority vote, approve or reject the resolution as submitted, or return it to the proposer with recommendations for revision and resubmission.

When the Executive Committee approves a proposed resolution, the Secretariat will submit it to the entire membership of the LSA for an electronic vote, as soon as practicable. The voting procedure will operate through the LSA web site, in a manner similar to the annual voting for election of officers. The Secretariat will notify all members by electronic mail when a new resolution has been posted for voting on. The voting period will last for three weeks.

At the conclusion of the voting period, if a majority of the votes have been cast in favor of the proposed resolution, it will become an official LSA Resolution. The Secretariat will post it on the LSA web site, with the date of enactment, and will publicize it through appropriate media.