The new LSA journal Phonological Data and Analysis welcomes submissions in the area of phonology.

As an online open access journal published by the LSA, Phonological Data and Analysis (PDA) publishes original, high-quality research papers distinguished by a particularly detailed examination of phonological patterns. The journal’s aim is to encourage scholarship grounded in substantive data that contributes to the revelation, clarification, and testing of phonological generalizations, or of the theories designed to account for them. As a result, papers appropriate for Phonological Data and Analysis include those that use rich data sets to document sound patterns in individual languages; that draw typological conclusions from a carefully assembled cross-linguistic database; that explore probabilistic generalizations in corpora; that examine and elucidate the assumptions of phonological theories; and that test phonological predictions with computational models or experimental methods. The targeted audience consists of researchers working in phonology and allied disciplines, including phonetics, morphology, historical and comparative linguistics, sociolinguistics, fieldwork, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, and computational linguistics.

To learn more about Phonological Data and Analysis please consult the journal website.

PDA is a successor to the Phonological Analysis section of the LSA journal Language, which first appeared in 2015. 

At its January 2020 meeting, the LSA Executive Committee approved a policy precluding members of the Executive Committee from serving as Associate Editors of LSA journals.  This policy will apply to any new nominations but will not be retroactive.