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The new online-only section of Language, “Perspectives,” is aimed at publishing articles that generate written responses.  There are two types of contributions—longer ones (‘Target articles’) and shorter ones (‘Short shots’).  Both types will have commentaries published, and a summary response from the authors.  Target articles will be selected on the basis of quality, readability, and whether they are likely to invite further productive discussion of issues of general interest to the field.

Commentaries up to 8,000 words in length in response to the Target articles will be selected on the basis of whether they represent thoughtful perspectives that engage an issue raised by the article; we encourage preliminary submission of commentary abstracts up to three pages, as well as full commentaries.  Broadly negative responses are not encouraged—a discussion deepening our understanding of an issue should dominate the presentation.  Commentaries are selected on the basis of whether they collectively represent an informative diversity of perspectives.  A second round of briefer responses to the commentary articles will be published.

‘Short shots’ are also subject to briefer and possibly sharper commentary, which is limited to a single round only.

Submissions of Target articles and ‘Short shots,’ as well as proposals for potential articles, should be submitted to under the  “Perspectives” tab at the LANGUAGE online submission portal. All reviewing will be done at the discretion of the editors.