Contact the LSA if you are interested in a paid Life Membership.

The LSA offers a paid Life Membership option, which exempts the member from any further dues obligations.  Life membership costs $1900, payable in one lump sum, in twelve monthly installments, or in four quarterly installments.  

Paying for a Life Membership is not only a good bargain for most LSA members; it also provides the Society with long-term support in our mission to educate the general public, the news media, other scientists, and governmental and funding bodies about the central role of linguistic science in the human endeavor.  

We acknowledge our many paid life members below and welcome the most recent new Life Members -- Leslie Barratt, Christine Beier, Emily Bender, Paola Cepeda, Sheila Embleton, Lenore Grenoble, Tom Larsen, Theresa McGarry, Lev Michael, Janna B. Oetting, Jeffrey Parker, Robin Queen, Susan Tamasi, and Kie Zuraw --  along with many Past Presidents of the LSA..  Contact David Robinson, Director of Membership and Meetings, if you are interested in purchasing a Life Membership. 

"Once I landed a tenured lectureship in Sweden, I decided to upgrade my LSA membership to the life member category. I wanted to be able to show my strong support to the Society for the ways it supports research (through, e.g., the journal Language and its Linguistic Institutes) and public outreach. Over the years my teaching has benefitted from the numerous resources on the LSA homepage. I have often used the very well-written articles in the "Frequently Asked Questions" to inspire beginning undergraduate students."

- Angela Hoffman, Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics, Uppsala University, Sweden

"I knew I was very likely going to be part of the linguistics community for the duration of my career, and that it seemed like a cost-effective investment; that is, it would be at least $1000 cheaper over the course of my career to become a life member early on.  I was also attracted by not having to deal with the administrative details of renewing membership every year."

- Kathleen Currie Hall, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

"I decided to get a lifetime membership in the LSA for both financial reasons and professional ones. Financially, it made sense: assuming I work for at least 30 years in the field, and plan to be a member of the LSA each of those years, a lifetime membership would save me money over the long run. Professionally, I DO plan to be a member of the LSA for as long as I am active in the profession (and perhaps even afterwards) because I want to support the organization's efforts to continue providing the valuable services it does. My development as a "young" scholar has been greatly enhanced by the LSA's activities--especially the Institute--and it's important to me that those be available to shape the scholars coming after me as well."

- Lauren Squires, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

"I purchased a life membership when I was a second-year graduate student (back in 1981, when it cost much less).  What an investment!"

- Gregory Ward, Professor, Northwestern University

"Small schools like mine know that we often depend on connections made at major conferences to stay competitive in our research. Plus, my institution only reimburses conference registration at the member rate. So, when I negotiated a startup package to set up a new Lab of Linguistics (LoL) to support my research, I knew to include professional membership in the budget. Alongside funds for travel, consultants, and lab equipment, I figured that a lifetime membership with the LSA would be one of the most effective and appropriate uses of my startup. Now every time I hear that another junior linguist has been given a startup package and they're figuring out the best way to use their funds, I am sure to suggest lifetime memberships with the LSA and other professional organizations."

- Sameer ud Dowla Khan, Assistant Professor, Reed College

If we have inadvertently omitted your name from this list, please let us know.  If you would like to have your name removed from this list, please let us know.

The LSA also grants Life Membership to any individual who has been a dues-paying member for fifty years (raised from forty in 2012).  Click here to see a list of individuals who became Life Members thus.


Paid Life Member

Abdul Jabbar Abbasi

Daniel Abondolo

Mahasen Abu-Mansour

Christopher Adam

Razieh Ahmadi

Cheryl S Ajirotutu

Prosper Akortia

Eleonora Albano

John Alderete

Chris Alexis

Diogo Almeida

Ahmad Alqassas

H S Ananthanarayana

Scott AnderBois

E Annamalai

Rajaa Aquil

John Archibald

Mark Aronoff

Sudha Arunachalam

Ichiro Asano

Ash Asudeh

Eric Bakovic

Jóhanna Barðdal

Leslie Barratt

Edwin Battistella

John Baugh

Rosemary Beam de Azcona

John Beavers

Jill Beckman

Patrice Speeter Beddor

Christine Beier

Emily Bender

Niko Besnier

Loren Billings

Musaed Bin-Muqbil

Isaac L. Bleaman

David Bowie

David Branner

Diane K Brentari

Eugene Buckley

Melisa Burekovic

Joan Bybee

Michael Cahill

Kathryn Campbell-Kibler

Aaron Carton

Justine Cassell

Damir Cavar

Paola Cepeda

Jin Soon Cha

Marjorie Chan

Jane Chandlee

Charles Chang

Anne H. Charity Hudley

Carole Chaski

Shobhana Chelliah

Candice Chi-Hang Cheung

Sook Whan Cho

Young Mee Yu Cho

Hyon Sook Choe

Chengzhi Chu

Sandra Chung

Guglielmo Cinque

Emily Clem

Emmert C Clevenstine

Robert Cloutier

Andries Coetzee

Uriel Cohen Priva

Jennifer Cole

Yoko Collier-Sanuki

Jessica Coon

Greville Corbett

Gregg M. Cox

William Croft

Christiane Cunha de Oliveira

Michael Cysouw

Biswajit Das

Santanu Das

William Davies

Daniel Davis

Lori Davis

Wynndi Davis

Willem de Reuse

Amy Rose Deal

Brent deChene

Michel DeGraff

Scott DeLancey

Francesca Dell'Oro

Ashwini Deo

A Richard Diebold

Michael Diercks

Marianna Di Paolo

Mark Donohue

Lindi Douglass

Laura Downing

San Duanmu

Stanley Dubinsky

David Eddington

Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine

Karen Emmorey

Fubito Endo Mary Erbaugh

Angela Falk

Paul Fallon

Ann Farmer

Alfred F Fasnacht

Shengli Feng

James Fidelholtz

Hana Filip

Herwig Findenig

Sara Finley

Susan Fischer

Colleen Fitzgerald

Belen Flores

Janet Dean Fodor

Claire Foley

Bonnie Fonseca-Greber

Catherine Fountain

Alice Freed

Robert Freidin

Victor Friedman

N. Louanna Furbee

Susanne Gahl

Jon R. Gajewski

Rama Gam S.

Andrew Garrett

Emily Gasser

Olga Gaydamachuk

Iqbal Ghasemyani

Tara Gibbs

Stephanie Glotfelty

Helen Goodluck

Matthew Gordon

Kenneth Granle

Lenore Grenoble

Aaron Griffith

Scott Grimm

Jane Grimshaw

Christine Gunlogson

Martin Haase

Kathleen Hall

Chung-hye Han

Daniel Harbour

Sharon Hargus

Edward B Harris

Heidi Harley

Yoko Hasegawa

Hasibuddin Hasibuddin

Jennifer Hay

Derek D Herforth

Kazuko Hiramatsu

Masako Hirotani

Rick Hobbs

Maurice Holder

Jeffrey Holliday

Nicole Holliday

Chu-Ren Huang

Hui-chuan Huang

Hui-chuan Jennifer Huang

Lillian Huang

Shi-Zhe Huang

Jena Hwang

Bernhard Hurch

Larry Hyman

Yoshiyuki Igarashi

Yasufumi Iwasaki

Ray Jackendoff

Richard Janda

Jay Jasanoff

Peter Jenks

Karen Jensen

Keith Johnson

Carol Justus

Aravind Kannan

Vsevolod Kapatsinski

Simin Karimi

Stefan Kaufmann

Patricia Keating

Sameer ud Dowla Khan

Sunil Khillare

Majid Khorsand

Douglas Kibbee

Tyler E. Kibbey

Alan Hyun-Oak Kim

Hyunsoon Kim

Min-Joo Kim

Woo-Young Kim

Young-joo Kim

Susannah Kirby

Robert Kirchner

Sotaro Kita

Morio Kohno

Masatoshi Koizumi

Anthony Kroch

Cornelius C Kubler

Chandana Kudathanthirige

Wilfried Kuerschner

Navnit Kumar

Rajesh KumarWilliam Ladusaw

D. Robert Ladd

Stephen Laker

Sonja Lanehart

Katherine Langan

Tom Larsen

Wayne Lawrence

Jackson Lee

Julie Anne Legate

Donald Lenfest

Roger Levy

Frank F Li

Chien-Jer Lin

Miranda Lin

Vern M Lindblad

Björn Lindblom

Richard J Lizotte

Terje Lohndal

Monica Macaulay

Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza

Sophia Malamud

Joan Maling

Louis Mangione

Michael Marlo

Megan Matovich

Stephen Matthews

Theresa McGarry

Cecile McKee

David McKoskey

Michael McOmber

Laura McPherson

Allan A. Metcalf

Jason Merchant

Mehdi Meshkato Dini

Lev Michael

Sriniket Mishra

Meiyo Mitsonubo

Rosa Moniz

Silvina Montrul

Terrell Morgan

Sadao Morita

Sarah Murray

Pieter Cornelis Muysken

Carol Myers-Scotton

Elmalki Mzabi

Savithry Namboodiripad

Margaret Naeser

Ken Nakatani

Heiko Narrog

Daniel Nemati

Bruce E Nevin

Andrew Nevins

Paul Newman

Jon Newquist

Iman Nick

Catherine O'Connor

Kenji Oda

Richard Oehrle

Janna B. Oetting

Noriko Onodera

Eser Ordem

Cemil Orhan Orgun

Olanike Orie

Rafael Orozco

Serdar Ozay

Jeffrey Parker

Ana Pérez-Leroux

Jerome Packard

Carol A Padden

Surinder Pal

Anna Papafragou

Prashant Parikh

Terence Parsons

Mary Paster

Amanda Payne

Gabriela Pérez Báez

Irene Philippaki-Warburton

Janet Pierrehumbert

Steven Pinker

Acrisio Pires

Samuel Poliden

Carl Polley

Oana Popovici

Paul Portner

William Poser

Eric Potsdam

Christopher Potts

Pati Price

Ellen Prince

Christen Pullen

Geoffrey Pullum

Robin Queen

S M Rahman

Robert Ratcliffe

Farid Raza

Teegala Reddy

Gisela Redeker

Maggie Reynolds

Paul Rich

Jason Riggle

John T Ritter

Kenneth H Rogers

Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada

Jeffrey Runner

Thennarasu SakkanMuhyi Eldeen Salih

William Salmon

Hannah Sande

Joseph Salmons

William Samarin

Bonny Sands

Gillian Sankoff

Philip Sapir

Kazuhiko SatoDeborah Schaffer

Rachel Schaffer

Kevin Schluter

Lawrence Schourup

Florian Schwarz

Roger Schwarzschild

Scott Schwenter

Elisabeth Selkirk

Leah Shapardanis

Mary Shapiro

Surmangol Sharma

Hyon Sook Shin

Mitra shokrollahi

David Silva

Wilson Silva

Andrew Simpson

Jane Simpson

Andrea Sims

Amar Singh

Mandvi Singh

Charles Smith

Magdalena Smoczynska

Katsuhide Sonoda

Margaret Speas

Augustin Speyer

Jon Sprouse

Lauren Squires

Joseph Stanley

Susan Steele

Will Styler

Ryoko Suzuki

Kristen Syrett

Maite Taboada

Mary D Taffet

Nobutaka Takara

Kenichi Takemura

Susan Tamasi

Sze-Wing Tang

Deborah Tannen

Wong Tat

Gracious Temsen

Shiao Wei Tham

Shiaowei Tham

Laurence C Thompson

Peter Tiersma

Ida Toivonen

Misato Tokunaga

Judith Tonhauser

Bernard Tranel

Amelia Tseng

Natsuko Tsujimura

Masanori Tsutsumi

G Richard Tucker

Edward F. Tuttle

Yongnam Um

Dustin Van Orman

Shravan Vasishth

Jean-Christophe Verstraete

Daniel J. Villarreal

F K Erhard Voeltz

Craig Alan Volker

Arseniy Vvedenskiy

Suzanne Wagner

Keith Walters

Gregory Ward

Natasha Warner

Thomas Wasow

Lian-Hee Wee

Christopher Weedall

Alexis Wellwood

Michael T Wescoat

Doug Whalen

Søren Wichmann

Harold E. Wilcox

Oliver Wilke

Eva Wittenberg

Jonas Wittke

Patrick Wong

Roy Wright

Yuwen Wu

Chalres Yang

Yasukata Yano

Virginia Yip

Suwon Yoon

Hongbing Yu

Hongjun YU

Kristine Yu

Jiwon Yun

Chunmei Zhou

Maria Luisa Zubizarreta

Kie Zuraw