The LSA welcomes the involvement of linguists working in corporate, industrial, and entrepreneurial settings. Linguists employed in these sectors bring a unique perspective which enriches the programs and activities of the LSA. A variety of options for involvement are outlined below:

LSA Annual Meeting (Washington, D.C. January 6-9, 2022)

• Graduate Student Panel – serve as a panelist on career options in industry.

• Organized Session Proposal – collaborate on a proposal focused on professional development issues for linguists in industry (subject to approval by the LSA Program Committee).

• Public Event on Language Science – collaborate in planning and participating in this new event targeted at engaging with the general public.

• Student Lounge Informal Sessions – provide informal tutorials and guidance on professional development topics.

• Research Abstract – present the results of your recent research in a paper or poster session (subject to independent peer review and acceptance by the LSA Program Committee).

Please visit here for background on the 2021 meeting.

LSA Linguistic Institute (University of Chicago, July 6 - 31, 2015)

• Workshop Proposal – propose a weekend workshop on a topic of professional interest.

• Workshop Presenter – serve as a panelist at a workshop on linguistic research or career development.

For more information, please visit here for background on the 2013 Institute.

Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

• Join an existing committee focused on an area professional/personal of interest.

• Start a new SIG focused on issues of interest to linguists in industry.

• Participate in the Linguistics Beyond Academia "Linguistics Career Launch"

For more information, please click here.

LSA Website Content Development

• Write a short article about your career pathway and/or area of linguistic inquiry.

• Conduct an interview about your career pathway for public consumption.

• Participate in the monthly “Member Spotlight” feature online.

More information is available here .


• Serve as a spokesperson on the value of linguistics research for the nation’s economic, social and cultural advancement.

For more information, please visit LSA's News Room.


The LSA welcomes linguists working in industry as members. A number of the activities outlined above are member benefits and services of the LSA. For more information, please visit here.

For more information on how you can get involved in any of the activities mentioned above, please contact the LSA at [email protected].