Established in 2021 as an interim, ad-hoc committee to to provide confidential off-the-record opportunities for LSA members to obtain assistance regarding a wide range of issues.


The committee shall promote fairness, equity, and inclusion - especially within all purviews of the LSA. Every effort will be made to promote harmonious resolution of problems impacting LSA members.


Members can request to speak with an Ombuds Committee member by phone, or submit a written request for assistance. Both processes can be initiated through the LSA member portal. All requests for assistance will maintain strict confidentiality.

LSA Ombuds Code of Ethics

  • Confidentiality LSA Ombuds will maintain strict confidence and will not disclose confidential information unless given permission to do so.
  • Impartiality and Neutrality   LSA Ombuds will remain neutral and impartial, never engaging in situations that could create a conflict of interest.
  • Informality  LSA Ombuds represent an informal resource that does not participate in adjudicative procedures.
  • Independence LSA Ombuds operate independently and engage only at the direct request of a member.

Ombuds Shall

  • Heed, carefully and attentively
  • Attempt to identify a range of resolution options
  • Promote fairness, equity, inclusion and supportiveness
  • Strive to alleviate problems for LSA members.

Ombuds Do Not:

  • Take sides in a dispute
  • Serve as a judge or adjudicator
  • Offer legal advice
  • Tell anyone what they should do
  • Participation in official legal or grievance processes

Ombuds Standards of Practice

  • LSA Ombuds communication will be held in strict confidence and all reasonable steps will be taken to safeguard confidentiality.
  • Communication with LSA Ombuds is privileged and will not be shared without permission. LSA Ombuds will not testify in any formal process and will resist doing so, even when given permission.
  • LSA ombuds will provide feedback, and do so in ways that safeguard the identity of the relevant parties.
  • LSA Ombuds will attempt to identify a range of solutions and facilitate discussion that promotes remediation whenever possible.
  •  LSA Ombuds are neutral, impartial and unaligned.
  • LSA Ombuds’ suggestions, proposals, and solutions are produced independently.
  • A two-step process will be used: a rapid confirmation response will be provided, followed by careful selection of 3-to-4 committee members to assess the specific issue being addressed.

Membership (by invitation)

To express interest in receiving an invitation to serve on this committee, please contact the Secretariat staff

Executive Committee Liaison: John Baugh

Staff Liaison: Margaret Vitullo

Download a PDF flyer about this service.