The LSA's publishing partnership with JSTOR includes digital archives of most LSA publications, including Language, dating back to 1925. In 2017, the LSA arranged with JSTOR to scan several monographs that were out of print and are now available online for the first time at the links below. In addition, JSTOR also hosts the entire back run the LSA Bulletin newsletter, the entire Language Dissertation book series, and a number of "gray" materials, such as directories.

Books New to JSTOR

Navaho Texts by Edward Sapir

This substantial volume, by Edward Sapir, contains Navajo texts covering five general themes – myths, ethnological narratives, personal narratives, prayers, and Navajo life – along with notes on each text and a translation of each. The texts contain both factual depictions of life and fantastic myths. Sapir, an anthropologist and linguist born in Pomerania in 1884, is generally regarded as a founder of modern linguistics. He specialized in the study of Dené languages, a large family of languages indigenous to North America that includes Navajo.


Edgar H. Sturtevant

The Indo-Hittite Laryngeals by Edgar H. Sturtevant

This book uses cognates across the language family to provide evidence of "laryngeal" consonants in the proto-language underlaying Indo-European and Anatolian. Sturtevant uses this to support his Indo-Hittie hypothesis that the Anatolian languages may have split off a Pre-Proto-Indo-European language considerably earlier than the separation of the remaining Indo-European languages. Sturtevant was born in 1875 in Illinois and studied at the University of Chicago. Along with working at Yale's

linguistics department, Sturtevant was one of the founders of the LSA. 

The Proto-Malayo-Polynesian Laryngeals by Isidore Dyen

This work surveys the evidence bearing on the reconstruction of two back consonants for Proto-Malayo-Polynesian, offering as well argumentation concerning their phonetic content. Isisdore Dyen, born in 1913, was a professor of Malayo-Polynesian and comparative linguistics at Yale. He specialized in Austronesian languages.

Vedic Variants: A Study of the Variant Readings in the Repeated Mantras of the Veda. Volume 1: The Verb by Maurice Bloomfield and Franklin Edgerton

Looking at the Vedic mantras that are repeated in the body of Vedic literature, this work analyzes in both stylistic and grammatical terms the variant forms that these repeated mantras show. Maurice Bloomfield, born in 1855, and Franklin Edgerton, born in 1885, were both Sanskrit scholars and professors at Yale. 

A Census of French and Provençal Dialect Dictionaries in American Libraries by George C. S. Adams and Clement M. Woodard

This work surveys the dictionaries of French and Provençal dialects available in libraries in the United States in 1937. Provençal is a variety of Occitan spoken in Provence; however, it historically refers to all dialects of Occitan. In this context, it most likely refers to the latter. 

The Germanic Case of Comparison with a Special Study of English by George William Small

This work is a study of the case-marking used in ancient Germanic languages for expressing the standard of comparison in comparative structures with particular attention to the situation in attested Old English, both poetry and prose. This book was edited by Edward Sapir.

Post-Consonantal W in Indo-European by Francis A. Wood

Through an examination of a wide range of potentially cognate forms in Sanskrit, Greek, Italic, and Germanic, this work argues that a w reconstructible for Proto-Indo-European, was lost in post-consonantal position. Francis A. Wood studied at the University of Chicago and recieved their first doctorate of philosophy granted by the Germanic department. He went on to become a professor at the school. 


Other LSA Publications Available on JSTOR


The Grammar of Spenser's Faerie Queene by Herbert W. Sugden

Tense Significance as the Time of the Action by Oscar Emanuel Johnson

A Grammar of the Mende Language by Ethel G. Aginsky

Old High German Biteilen and Biskerien by Luise Haessler

The Development of Ablaut in the Strong Verbs of the East Midland Dialects of Middle English by James Frederick Rettger

The Neuter Plural in Vergil by John Flagg Gummere 

Old High German Prepositional Compounds in Relation to their Latin Originals by Harold Rosen

Substantivized Adjectives in Old Norse by Charles D. Buchanan 

The Latin Perfect Endings -ere and -erunt by Charles Francis Bauer

Mark Hanna Watkins

Indo-European *Deiwos and Related Words by Grace Sturtevant Hopkins

Gothic Prepositional Compounds in Their Relation to Their Greek Originals by Allan Lake Rice

Etymological Studies in the Greek Dialect-Inscriptions by Henry F. Standerwick

Words for Clothing in the Principal Indo-European Languages by George Sherman Lane

A Systematic Tabulation of Indo-European Animal Names by Eugene Gottlieb

A Grammar of Chichewa: A Bantu Language of British Central Africa by Mark Hanna Watkins

The Accentuation of Nominal Compounds in Lithuanian by Frederic Turnbull Wood

Zur Entwicklung der Perfektumschreibung im Deutschen by  A.J. Friedrich Zieglschmid

Studies in the Syntax of the Old English Passive with Special Reference to the Use of Wesan and Weordan by Louise Grace Frary

The Historical Development of Tenses from Late Latin to Old French by Howard B. Garey

A Grammar of Tetelcingo (Morelos) Nahuatl by Richard Saunders Pittman

Meter and Case in the Latin Elegiac Pentameter by George Joseph Siefert, Jr. 

Persisting Latinisms in El Poema de Mio Cid and Other Selected Old Spanish Literary Works by Cornelius Joseph Crowley 

Morphophonemics of Standard Colloquial Japanese by Samuel E. Martin

The Inflections of 8th-Century Japanese by Masako Yokoyama

Old Portuguese Vocalic Finals: Phonology and Orthography of Accented -ou, -eu, -iu and -ao, -eo, -io by Erma Learned

Old English Prepositional Compounds in Relationship to Their Latin Originals by John Raymond Hendrickson

The Neuter Plural in Latin Lyric Verse by Elizabeth Gould Zenn

An Outline of Hausa Grammar by Carleton Taylor Hodge

The Root and Its Modification in Primitive Indo-European by Benjamin Schwartz

A Descriptive Grammar of Fanti by William Everett Welmers

Outline of Burmese Grammar by William Cornyn 

The Syntax of the Gesta Francorum by John Joseph Gavigan

Latin Adjectives with Partitive Meaning in Republican Literature by Alden Gibson Vaughan

Swiss German Dialect and Romance Patois by William G. Moulton

Portuguese Word-Formation with Suffixes by Joseph H. D. Allen, Jr.

Germanic-Balto-Slavic Etyma by Philip Scherer

The Sanskrit Indeclinables of the Hindu Grammarians and Lexicographers by Isidore Dyen

The Neuter Plural in Latin Iambic and Trochaic Verse by Jessie May Glenn

Words for Horse in French and Provencal: A Study in Dialectology by Clement Manly Woodard

The Ab Urbe Condita Construction in Greek: A Study in the Classification of the Participle by Frank Pierce Jones

The Vocabulary of Mental Aberration in Roman Comedy and Petronius by Dorothy May Paschall

Navaho Syntax by Herbert Jay Landar 

The Grammatical Hierarchy of Isthmus Zapotec by Velma Bernice Pickett

The Hittite Relative Sentence by Warren H. Held, Jr. 

A Bibliography of Spanish Linguistics: Articles in Serial Publications by Pauline Cook Hall

The Status Significance of an Isolated Urban Dialect by  George N. Putnam and Edna M. O'Hern

The Durative and Aoristic Tenses in Thucydides by Jesse L. Rose

The Additional Short Syllables in Ovid by Margaret Whilldin Herr

The Nuzi Dialect of Akkadian: Orthography and Phonology by Moshé Berkooz

Latin Diminutives in -ello/a- and -illo/a-: A Study in Diminutive Formation by George Klepping Strodach

Studies in the Syntax of the Gathas of Zarathushtra Together with Text, Translation, and Notes by Maria Wilkins Smith

Latin Parens: Its Meanings and Uses by Merle Middleton Odgers

The Syntax of Modern Colloquial Japanese by Eleanor Harz Jorden

The Physiology of French Consonant Changes: A Study in Experimental Phonetics by Ernest Faber Haden

Edward Sapir


Predication-Typing: A Pilot Study in Semantic Analysis by  Paul L. Garvin, Jocelyn Brewer, Madeleine Mathiot

The Expression of the Ending-Point Relation in English, French, and German by Edward Sapir and Morris Swadesh

Structural Sketch of Rumanian by Frederick B. Agard

First Grammatical Treatist: The Earliest Germanic Phonology: An Edition, Translation, and Commentary by Einar Haugen

Structural Sketches 1: French by Robert A. Hall, Jr.

Acoustic Phonetics by Martin Jobs

Hungarian Grammar by Robert A. Hall, Jr. 

De la Toponymie Bretonne: Dictionnaire E'tymologique by William B. S. Smith

Middle English U and Related Sounds: Their Development in Early American English by Harold Whitehall

An Analytical Grammar of the Hungarian Language by Robert A. Hall, Jr. 

Indicatino: A Study of Demonstratives, Articles, and Other 'Indicaters' by William Edward Collinson

On Defining the Phoneme by W. Freeman Twaddell

The Phonology of the Low German Deeds in the Oldest Registry at Riga, Latvia by Charles Goetsch

George Melville Bolling
George Melville Bolling

Word-Studies in French and English: First Series by T. Atkinson Jenkins

The Old Church Slavonic Kiev Fragment: Its Accents and Their Relation to Modern Slavonic Accentuation by George L. Trager

The Athetized Lines of the Iliad by George Melville Bolling

The Sounds of Latin: A Descriptive and Historical Phonology by Roland G. Kent

The Relation Between Linguistic Structure and Associative Interference in Artificial Linguistic Material by Dael Lee Wolfe

Hittite Glossary: Words of Known or Conjectured Meaning with Sumerian Ideograms and Accadian Words Common in Hittite Texts by Edgar Howard Sturtevant

Curme Volume of Linguistic Studies Edited on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday by James Taft Hatfield, Werner Leopold,  and A.J. Friedrich Zieglschmid

Totality by Edward Sapir and Morris Swadesh

The Textual Criticism of Inscriptions by Roland G. Kent

A Technique for the Experimental Investigation of Associative Interference in Artificial Linguistic Material by Erwin Allen Esper

Verbs of Motion in Their Semantic Divergence by Klara H. Collitz

The Pronunciation of Greek and Latin by Edgar Howard Sturtevant

A Comparative Germanic Grammar by Eduard Prokosch

A Hittite Chrestomathy by  Edgar H. Sturtevant and George Bechtel

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