2019-2020 Membership Dues (Annual)

LSA Dues in Support of LInguistic Advocacy: The LSA is mobilizing to face a number of unprecedented challenges, among them difficulties faced by our members in conducting research due to the travel and immigration ban proposed by the Trump Administration; a threatened boycott of academic meetings in the US for the same reason, and   threats to major funders of linguistics research such as the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Regular members:

$105   - Language online only

$115 - Language online and in hard copy

Student members:

$45 - Language online only

$55 - Language online and in hard copy

(Recent Ph.D. graduates in linguistics are also eligible for a free year of LSA membership.)

Linguistics departments and programs may purchase discounted bulk memberships for their students.

Associate members:

LSA Associate Membership is available to linguists who have retired from the profession or nonlinguists who would like to support the LSA and its work. 

$75 - Language online only

$85 - Language online and in hard copy

K-12 Teachers and Students:

Complimentary:  complete this form https://www.linguisticsociety.org/file/k-12-membership-form-currentdoc to sign up.

Reduced Rate members:

$65 (more information)


Life members:

$1900, payable in one lump sum, in four quarterly payments of $475.00, or in twelve monthly payments of $158.33. Click here for a list of Paid Life members of the LSA.  Contact David Robinson, Director of Membership and Meetings, if you are interested in bcoming a Life Member.

Effective 3 December 2009, the LSA moved to a rolling membership year.

Members who have maintained 50 years of continuous membership are eligible for a Complimentary Life Membership. Members who have maintained 20 years of continuous membership and who have retired from the regular exercise of the profession, or who are not practicing linguists, are eligible for Associate Membership. For further information or to change your membership type, please contact the LSA.

Membership dues are nonrefundable.

Start your membership with the LSA by registering online. Click here for a printable individual membership form.