COSWL Sponsored/Initiated LSA Meeting Colloquia

January 2004. Symposium: Language and Gender: The State of the Art. Organized by Jack Sidnell (Northwestern U.) and Robin Queen (U. of Michigan). Speakers: Penelop Eckert (Stanford U.), Susan Ehrlich (York U.), Elizabeth Keatin (U. Texas-Austin), Sally McConnell-Ginet (Cornell U.), Sara Trechter (Chico State U.).

Summer 2003. Conference: "Perception and Realization in Language and Gender Research." Co-sponsored with The International Gender and Language Association (IGALA) and organized by Miriam Meyerhoff (U Edinburgh) and Mary Bucholtz (UC-Santa Barbara). Speakers: Barbara Horvath (U Sidney), Celia Kitzinger (U York), Helga Kotthoff (Padgogische Hochschule Freiburg), Joan Pujolar Cos (U Oberta de Catalunya), and Margaret Wetherell (The Open University).

January 2001. Symposium: "The Breadth and Diversity of Language and Gender Research." Organized by Scott Kiesling (U Pittsburgh), Marianna DiPaolo (U UT), Norma Mendoza-Denton (U AZ), Carlota S. Smith (U TX-Austin). Speakers: Jeri J. Jaeger (U at Buffalo), Kyoung-Ja Lee (Simon Fraser U), Catherine Hicks Kennard (U AZ), and Robin Lakoff (UC-Berkeley).

January 2000. Symposium: "Women in Linguistics: Celebrating 25 Years of COSWL." Organized by Marianna DiPaolo (U UT), Jennifer Hay (Northwestern U), Jeri Jaeger (SUNY-Buffalo). Speakers: Victoria A. Fromkin (UCLA), Janet Dean Fodor (CUNY Grad Ctr), Ilse Lehiste (OH SU), Penelope Eckert (Stanford U), and Jean Berko Gleason (Boston U).

January 1999. Workshop: "Becoming a Professional Linguist: Strategies for Survival & Success." Organized by Audra Dainora (U Chicago) and Yukako Sunaoshi (UT-Austin). Speakers: David Silva (UT-Arlington), Monica Macaulay (UW-Madison), Abigail C. Cohn (Cornell), Justine Cassell (MIT), Penelope Eckert (Stanford U), and Jane H. Hill (Wayne State U).

January 1998. Panel: "Liminal Linguists: Women in Nontraditional Professional Positions." Organized by Mary Bucholtz and Yukako Sunaoshi. Speakers: Alice Greenwood, Christine Kamprath, Dina Dahbany-Miraglia, Miriam Isaacs, and Patricia Kilroe.

January 1997. Justine Cassell collected oral narratives from female linguists, discussing their lives and careers. She and David Silva also collected photos of women in the field, and the two projects were jointly presented in an audiovisual presentation called "The Lives of Women Linguists: Words and Images." Numerous photographs of women linguists were displayed, and tapes of the interviews were played continuously throughout the exhibit.

January 1996. Panel: "Academic Career Paths of Women in Linguistics: A First Look at the 1995 Survey Data." David Silva (UTA), Justine Cassell (MIT), Megan Crowhurst (UNC-Chapel Hill), Kira Hall (Rutgers), Francine Frank (SUNY-Albany), and Sara Trechter (CSU-Chico).

January 1995. Symposium: "Linguistic Perspectives on Sexual Harassment." Organized by Janet Bing (Old Dominion) and Elizabeth Traugott (Stanford), with Susan Ehrlich and Ruth Kind (York U), Lucian Lombardo (Old Dominian), and Sally McConnell-Ginet (Cornell). Discussant: Martha Chamallas (U Pittsburgh).

January 1995. Panel: "A Study of Women's Career Paths in Linguistics." Kira Hall (UC-Berkeley), Justine Cassell (MIT), and David Silva (UTA).

January 1994. "The Impact of Feminist Research on the Social Sciences." Shulamit Reinharz (Brandeis).